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Looking back on this past year it has been full of amazing adventures. It has also been a year full of meeting and catching up with lots of amazing fellow adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. This year I give thanks for all of the awesome adventures with friends old and new. Raise a glass of your favorite beverage and cheers to many more years of adventures with friends.

#AdventureMonday 11/24/2014

Did everyone have an awesome weekend of adventures? Did you make sure to tag your photos with #hikingthetrail? These awesome folks did! Every week we choose awesome photos from across the interwebs to be featured. If we do not see them we cant feature them so make sure you tag them with #hikingthetrail! Happy Adventuring.

Just a crazy morning on the trail. I had a few minutes of rain free weather, but the trail was saturated and water was running down the mountain in river-like capacity. I want to give kudos to my new @rocky_s2v gear. This stuff is made for the outdoors, and I am thoroughly impressed so far. Not only did I stay dry and warm, but the fit and quality is exceptional. It's going to be a real pleasure wearing this every time I'm outdoors. #addictedtotheclimb #forestryclothing #getoutdoors #greatoutdoorsadventure #hikerchat #iomerino #keepcharging #keepitcontagious #livewithgumption #makeadventure #mountainadventurers #mountainmatronmonday #ltdoptics #northwestisbest #ourpnw #pnw #pnw_captures #theoatisworldwide #RockyS2V #upperleft #wanderwashington

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Camping Tip: Clever uses for used dryer sheets



We all know that everything in your house can be used in some way while camping. However we do not want to take it all with us on our trips. So we limit what we take and only take the necessary items.  One of the neat things about Dryer sheets is that they are light weight compact and can be used in many creative ways.  Some of the tips in this post can be used both during and after camping trips.

1. Dryer Sheets make good fire starters. There is no surprise that these little sheets can be burned and used as fire starters. They are not as effective as dryer lint, but will get a fire burning if you are in a pinch.

2. Deodorizer. If you have a long ride home from camp or simply want to help remove that “tent smell” you can use dryer sheets to help remove the odors.

  • Place a sheet in each boot or shoe to hide that foot funk.
  • After you have dried out your tent and it is ready for storage place a few dryer sheets in it while you fold and roll up the tent. It will help with the musty smell that all tents get.
  • Place a few dryer sheets in your sleeping bags. Not only will it help remove any static but it will make the inside smell laundry fresh.
  • Camp boxes are well known to provide you with a nice welcoming smell after being closed up all winter. Drop a few in before you close it up for the winter and good by stink.
  • Some times those pine tree air fresheners just do not do the trick in your vehicle. Place a few around the inside of your vehicle to help remove the smell of a weekend of camping with stinky scouts.

3. Repel bugs and unwanted creatures. Used dryer sheets can repel some bugs and spiders as well as mice and other rodents. Placing dryer sheets in your gear when you store it will not only keep them smelling nice they will also help keep the bugs and rodents away.  Plus they smell a whole lot better than moth balls.

4. Scrape the bugs and grime off your windshield or glasses.  Ever end up with a while swarm of bugs on your windshield that the gas station window washer can not get off? A used dryer sheet can be used to scrub off the bug guts quickly and easily. The abrasiveness of the dryer sheet will scrape off the guts but does not harm the glass. You can also use them on your glasses in the same manner.

5. If you forgot your pot scrubber at home you can use a dryer sheet as a replacement. Soak the posts or pans with hot water and a dryer sheet or two in the water. Not only will it help the cooked food fall off easier but you can also use the sheet as a scraper if needed.

Have you ever used dryer sheets on y our camping adventures? If so how did you use them?

#AdventureMonday – 11/17/2014

What kind of adventure did you have this weekend? Did you make sure to tag your photos with #hikingthetrail? These awesome folks did! Every week we choose awesome photos from across the interwebs to be featured. If we do not see them we cant feature them so make sure you tag them with #hikingthetrail! Happy Adventuring.


Bacon Condoms, Drone Porn, Robot Penguins and Lubmbersexuals.

You might want to file most of what you are about to read in the um what category in your brains or maybe even just forget you even read it in the first place. Every now and again it is fun to take a step back and look at the outdoor industry as a whole. In the wise words of an old boss let us hop into the perspective helicopter and go up to 40 thousand feet to see things better. A great segway into our first topic!

Drone Porn (NSFAA – Not safe for anyone anywhere)

When the National Forest Service and National Parks began banning drones with cameras on them the outdoor and art community answered with a movie.


Drone Boning a Ghost+Cow Film “Why not take something negative and make something really positive? Make porn not war. Let’s not be so serious, let’s take a step back and think about some of the most beautiful things in the world. And sex is one of them,” co-creator Brandon LaGanke told the Daily Beast. Read the entire article at RT.com

While Drone Boning is not the first time something like this has been done. We are pretty sure that the next item is a one of a kind!

Bacon Condoms!

Yes you read that correctly. A company called J&D’s is making pretty much everything they can think of that smells tastes and looks like bacon. Enter  bacon condom.


If you want to learn more about the bacon condoms and other fine bacon products check out this fine article.

Most likely by now  you are wondering how those relate to the outdoors well everyone who loves the outdoors loves bacon. If you do not then well you are not a true lubersexual! The lubersexual is all the rage in the east coast states!

The rise of the lubersexuals!



The fine folks over at Gear Junkie have described a Lubersexual as “He looks like a man of the woods, but works at The Nerdery, programming for a healthy salary and benefits. His backpack carries a MacBook Air, but looks like it should carry a lumberjack’s axe He is the Lumbersexual.” To learn if you are one of these new and up and coming trend setters check out the full article!

If you have made it this far I wanted to reward you with something awesome!

That folks is all of the outdoor weird news you didn’t know that you never knew you wanted to know from last week.

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