Update on the “Art Vandal” Casey Nocket

10/23/2014 — 12:20 MST – Update: A huge congratulations and thank you goes out to to Rebecca Sowards-Emmerd of calipidder.com who brought the vandal’s art to the attention of social media as well Casey Schreiner of Modern Hiker  for being incredibly instrumental in hopefully bringing the vandal to justice in the near future.

The National Park Service Issued a press release earlier today in regard to the vandals actions. The National Park Services is waiting for each of the 10 parks to confirm that the parks and locations in the parks had been vandalized. You can read the full press release here!

Earlier in the day there have been reports that she has made her Instagram account private and then later deactivated both of her Instagram and Facebook Accounts.  There has even been a meme created in her honor.


Just remember folks “Don’t be a #caseynocket!

Is creating “art” at national parks vandalism or Art?

An Instagram user Creepytings aka Casey Nocket has posted several photos of her so called art at national parks and is starting to gather some hatred for her work. This morning I have seen several comments and threads started on Facebook as well as Reddit.   There has also been several people including myself asking what is being used to create the art. So far there have not been any responses by the artist.

The "Art" in question

The “Art” in question

I am a fan of art but to me this is not art. This is vandalism! If this art is permanent this person has ruined these areas in so many ways for so many people. This was all done her own pleasure, “fame”, and “art”, who knows.  The other confusing thing is why put your name on something that if permanent can get you into a lot of trouble. All it takes these days is a quick Google search to find out all kinds of information about people. I am not saying we should all show up to this persons house and fill up their front porch with poo, but there are much more radical people than I.  If the artists comes out and says that she is using something that is not permanent and is creating the art in chalk lets say takes a photo and then given a little time it fades and disappears. Does that still justify the actions?  Like many things this it will stir up a lot of attention, but will eventually fade and this person as will their “art” will become forgotten!

What do you think about what this person is doing? Do you think it is art or vandalism? I would love to hear your opinions!

#AdventureMonday 10/20/2014

Welcome back to another edition of #AdventureMonday! Another great week of awesome photos to showcase. Please make sure to tag your photos with #hikingthetrail to have a chance to be featured next week. Happy Adventuring


Cowboy Camping and why all adventurous people should do it at least once!

Cowboy Camping as defined by Urban Dictionary as “Sleeping outside in the backcountry without an overhead shelter (such as a tent or tarp), usually done in the context of backpacking.“



Reflecting on the Past Year and Planning for 2015 – Guest Post

It’s the time of year when many backpackers are trying to squeeze out those last few trips before the cold winter months arrive. But when the snow starts falling and the gear is stored away, that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop thinking about or improving on some backpacking skills. As part of the routine to clean and store gear, it’s a great opportunity to add time to reflect on the past year, focus on skills to develop or improve up, and start planning for 2015.

Taking time in the off-season to reflect is more than remembering the good times. Reflection is important because it provides an opportunity think about the challenges that were faced, what went right and what can be improved upon, as well as thinking about new learning that took place. Finding a quiet spot and writing down some thoughts or even looking at photos are great ways to jog a few memories loose and reflect. When looking back, focus on two areas, challenges/obstacles and successes to make the time worthwhile.


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