#AdventureMonday 12/22/2014

Another week and weekend in the books. How did you spend your weekend? Here are a few of this past weeks submissions. If you would like to have your photo featured simply tag your photos with #hikingthetrail.


Survival Skills for Winter Day Trips – #Infographic

Survival Skills for Winter Day Trips
Source: Eastern Mountain Sports

CertHero.org an easy way to find outdoor training and certifications

While reading Brian’s Backpacking Blog I ran across a great article about a new site called CertHero.org. If you are looking for Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, or even just First Aid, this site will help find a course near you. Simply choose the certification you are looking for and your state. Click search and you will be shown a list.



CertHero.com is a huge time saver for anyone who is looking to be certified or renew their certifications. The CertHero team is also providing great helpful tips in their blog. Their latest post “WEMT, WFR or WFA?” discusses the differences in several certifications and which one you should get and why.

I did a search and requested more information on Wilderness First Aid. I was very surprised that within several hours I had been contacted by Logan the Founder with more information and links to help me sign up for the certification of my choosing.

Visit CertHero.org today and sign up for your next certificate training.

New Backpacking and Hiking Podcast The First 40 Miles

tffm-300x300I have been listening to a new podcast called “The First 40 Miles” brand new to the podcasting scene that have several episodes released. The creators are a Heather Legler and Josh Legler are sharing their love of hiking and backpacking.

The podcast is is described as “If you are new to backpacking or if you’re hopelessly in love with someone who wants you to love backpacking, then this podcast is for you. We’ll talk about the essentials, how to lighten your load, and how to make the most of your time on the trail.”

To learn more about the podcast and to listen to it please head on over to their Website, follow them on Facebook , and find them on iTunes.


6 Epic Outdoorsy things to do in the Lake Tahoe area with a twist! #takemethereflipkey

What would happen if you are dropped off in a town and said GO? Where would you go?  What would you do? FlipKey is launching a brand new way to find awesome things to do in a very creative way. They are launching a new system called Virtual Tours. So far they have 3 cities Lake Tahoe, Phoenix, and Miami Beach with more on the way. These interactive tours allow you to visit each location seeing areas in full 360 views. They also give you the opportunity to zoom and pan many of the local hot spots. This system allows you to see some of the great sights in a location before ever setting foot there. As they are only photos on a monitor they will not compare to what you would see by actually visiting those locations. This new system will simply give you a massive wanderlust for your next adventure.

They have thrown out the challenge of how would you spend a day adventuring in one of these cities. The easy choice would have been to stay semi local and head up to Phoenix. That however would just be a simple day trip. Instead I upped the game and chose Lake Tahoe. Inspired by the FlipKey Virtual Tour I have created my own awesome adventure itinerary. I have given myself 6 places to visit will provide an outdoorsy tourist with a true feel of everything that Lake Tahoe has to offer.  In order to complete this itinerary you will need to be up early and fueled on excitement. Note: This itinerary would be best suited for spring / summer months.

Adventure Stop #1. A sunrise drive around the lake.  Starting out super early to make sure to beat the sunrise you will need a little over two hours to drive around the lake. Also keep in mind that if you want to stop and take photos you will want to allow for a little more time. My adventure takes me from the south of Lake Tahoe heading north west. About halfway around the lake we will stop for the next adventure.

Adventure Stop #2. While on your around the lake drive make sure to stop at Sand Harbor. Here you will find some amazing views as well as some fun rocks to play around on. A great place to warm up the camp stove for another quick coffee as you ponder why the lake is colored the way it is. After spending some time there hope back into your adventure chariot to take you to the next spot.

Adventure Stop #3 Most likely you are hungry and are in need of a nice hearty brunch to sustain you through your day. Your next stop is at Ernie’s Coffee Shop. Here you will find just about anything you could dream up to eat including a nice cup of coffee to keep you fueled up. Make sure to order a cold sandwich to go for your next stop.

Adventure Stop #4. Your next stop will take you back around the south side of the Lake. You are headed to Eagle Falls trailhead. This 3 mile round trip hike will give you a quick taste at what the Desolation Wilderness has to offer. Spend a few hours on your out and back hike viewing amazing sights sounds and simply just take it all in.  Also enjoy a nice trail lunch that you had picked up from Ernie’s Coffee shop earlier in the day. One thing to keep in mind is that A wilderness permit may required. You can pick up your permit at the self serve area at the trailhead. To see what if you need a permit and what kind of permit please visit the Lake Tahoe wilderness permit page located here. After you have hiked the day away it is time to head to the next point of interest.

Adventure Stop #5. Make sure you have a headlamp or flashlight for your next stop. Back into your car we go and it is off to watch the sunset at Cave Rock. A mile hike round trip will get you to a spot to watch an amazing sunset. After a good day of adventuring and hiking every experienced hiker knows the best end to your day. Nothing ends your day like a nice brew and some great food.

Adventure Stop #6 The last and final stop on this great day will take you to Stateline Brewery & Restaurant. Sample some of the local brews and fair before heading back to your camp to crash for the night.

So that folks is my #takemethereflipkey trip. So what is the twist? The twist is this. You only have limited funds and limited time 1 day to pull it all of.  I want to hear where you would go or where you have been that can top my adventure in Lake Tahoe.

 Full Disclosure: This blog post was written and published with intent to enter into the FlipKey Virtual Tours & “Take Me There” Contest.

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