All good things come to an end!

In time all things must come to an end. The past several years have been amazing and Hiking The Trail has come a long way. It is with mixed feelings that I must tell you that Hiking The Trail will be closing a big chapter in its bloggy little life.  It has been a good run and I am so very thankful for all of your support leading up to this point.

Queue sad riding off into the sunset music……….. more after the awesome sunset!!!



What to do with your used outdoor gear!

With lighter weight gear and new technology changing gear all the time, what do we do with our old gear? We have used and abused our favorite gear but some of it just does not measure up. We spent the time researching it, finally purchased it, and it was not what we liked.

More and more people are trying to go green and downsize their lives to focus less on stuff and more on the experience.  The up-cycling and recycling movement is growing stronger every day. Even big gear companies have joined and are now buying back used gear and reselling it or recycling it into new gear.

It seems silly to just throw it in the trash and move on. Someone else out there could use that right? So what do you do? Where do you offload a bunch of gear that will not just end up in a dumpster a few days later?

Have you ever thought about recycling, up-cycleing, repurposing, donating, or selling? We have put together a list of places or ways you can do all of this.


There are lots of places where you can sell your slightly used gear.


  • Pass down to your younger siblings, your children, or friends children as they grow.
  • Many companies have or are starting a recycling program. Many of the local outfitters and gear stores have donations boxes.
  • Give the gear to programs like Boy Scouts, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and other youth oriented organizations. Make sure you contact them about their policies and what products they accept before showing up with a box full of stuff.
  • Give the gear  to local Sierra Cubs, Hiking or Climbing Clubs.
  • Give the gear to local non profits that sell products and then use the money to help others.

Recycling, Up-cycleing, Repurposing

The opportunities for these are only limited by your imagination. How many of you are already thinking of things or headed to Pinterest for ideas?  What can you reuse from the tents the packs, etc. Can you create your own gear or simply create something useful for around the house?

How would you reuse your gear?


#AdventureMonday 2/23/2015

We have a great collection of photos to share with you this week from some awesome folks. Keep tagging your photos with #hikingthetrail to be featured next week. Enjoy!


Adventure News you should not miss!

He did it! Cazenovia man finishes 222-mile journey by hiking Mt. Marcy in sub-zero conditions!

Cazenovia fitness coach Tim O’Shea did it — and he did it during two of the coldest days of this winter. After cycling 207 miles in the bone-chilling cold Monday from Manlius to Mt. Marcy, O’Shea reached the trailhead of the state’s highest peak early this morning. Read Full Article at!


#AdventureMonday 2/16/2015

Another week has come and gone. We hope that all of you are out enjoying this fantastic three day weekend. If you would like to have your photos featured in #AdvetnureMonday simply tag your photos with #hikingthetrail. Happy Adventures!

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