Sweet Mountain Water is well not so sweet.

In my post yesterday The water is not clean in them thar hills I talked about the different types of filters and purification methods. Well one of those methods is using the iodine or other chemical tablets to purify the water. I had made mention of a note do you remember what it was? If you do not go click on the link above and check out what it was. Then come back  and we can talk.


I know you are there reading this waiting for me to tell you what the note was. OK OK I will tell you.


Purification tablets such as iodine can make your water taste rather well it can only be best summed up  in the words of a young child  “icky poo poo”. Thankfully there are ways we can spice up the water and make it taste better. Also it will help you kick the monotony of drinking water all the time. Below are a few examples of taste enhancers that I have found however I have yet to try a couple of them.

1. Gatorade powder packets.

Ahh the ole Gatorade powder in a small tube trick. Years ago we used to just pack a bunch of Gatorade into a Ziploc baggie and off we went. Now they make these handy little pre measured packets. An easy way to dump a little flavor into your water. Keep in mind that if you are in bear country or worried about varmints getting into your gear then DO NOT SPILL THIS in your pack. Also once you dump one of these into your water container you might think of putting your water container into the bear bag at night and not in your tent.


2.Flavor Drops

A few little drops of this substance into your water will provide a nice little taste and is low in calories. If you are thru-hiker you really are not worried about the calories to just ignore that part. The only down side i see in using these for a thru-hike would be that its a liquid and well liquid leaks. Have you used this or any other products like it? What did you think? Love it or hate it?


3. Effervescent Sports Drink Tablets

We are all familiar with the plop plop fizz fizz of an Alka Seltzer well these have the same properties but instead of a healthy remedy the provide a quick and tasty flavor plus some nutrients to your water. I have not tried them but I plan on picking up a few the next time I am at my local camping and hiking retailer. Have you tried these? What did you think?

In conclusion there are ways to help you get away from that nasty iodine taste that is left in your water and help you not have to carry a heavy filter.  Try one or try all of them. Let me know what you think. Are there others out there that I missed?

Happy Trails



  • Bryan Sawyer

    I would suggest rinsing out your bottle immediately after consuming the gatorade (or just filling up with fresh water). I made the mistake of mixing up some gatorade in my hydration bladder and it made it a real sticky mess inside.

    • http://hikingthetrail.com Adam Nutting

      Bryan thanks for pointing that out. I have had issues in the past. You have to keep them clean our you can get sick or like you said just have a big mess.

  • Zachary Robbins

    I usually take a tube of the Camelbak tablets or a similar product. They work well and dissolve quickly, and I ignore the instructions to use 16-24 oz and just drop it in my liter bottles. I would use these over powder because it’s less mess.

    • http://hikingthetrail.com Adam Nutting

      Zach are the tablets any good I have never tried them. What is your favorite flavor?

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