Gear Review: Kupilka 21 Natural Fiber Cup

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Kupilka is not only fun to say but is also a very progressive creative concept. Kupilka specializes in Natural Fiber drinking and eating vessels and utensils.  The Kupilka company was nice enough to provide me with their Kupilka 21 cups.  It holds 7.10 ounces of liquid or food and weighs in at 3 ounces. The materials are dishwasher safe and recyclable to boot. It has a hole in the handle to easily strap or clip to your belt or pack. One of the very nice things is that it can hold in the heat of the food or drink. It is not insulated but it helps you from burning your hands like similar metal cups. I found that it was very easy to use and a very handy piece of gear. I will be replacing my cup that I currently use. It also makes for a nice conversation starter when you are around the campfire. Simply a well made more natural and creative cup to add to your gear. I would highly recommend checking them out.  You can find them online here and they are also on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

Have you had a chance to try out the Kupilka bowls, cups and utensils yet? What did you think?

Full Disclosure: The Kupilka 21 Cup used in this review were provided to me by the manufacturer at no charge however this did not influence my review in any way.  The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own and were not guided in any manor.

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