Giveaway Tuesday – Point6 merino wool socks

High Tech Medium Crew

OK folks its that time of the week. Want to pick up two pair of awesome socks? My sponsor Point6 is helping you slip into something a little more comfortable for the trail and giving away a pair of Hiking Tech Light Crew and a pair of Hiking Tech MediumCrew socks to one lucky winner.  If you would like to know a little but more about the socks you can read my review of the Hiking Tech light crew socks during the 2011 Sockoff challenge.

You know the drill simply use the widget below to enter. Entries will be collected starting now and will be open until Midnight Monday the 18th of June. A winner will be randomly selected later in the day on the 18th. The winner has 7 days to claim their prize. If they do not a new winner will be drawn.

Good luck and comfy trails.
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  • Paul Osborn

    i hiked up to a base camp in new runners and back down. I went up close to 10000 feet and back. in the end, even with moleskin my heels were blistered and bruised. I didn’t recover fully for several weeks!

  • Rich Kolb

    I have one blister story, in basic training we were all issued wool socks. Being young and dumb we thought wool sucked, so we bought a package of black cotton socks to wear. The next day we had a 10 mile road march, you could tell which of us had cotton socks, worst blisters of my life

  • Wilderness Dave

    I recently hiked up above 10,000 ft on a 9-mile hike in Point6 Wool Socks and had no blisters or sore spots on my feet. Thank you very much…

  • Wilderness Dave

    My worst blister story, however, wasn’t MY feet.

    My dad and I hiked a 50 mile stretch through Paria River Canyon and he had new orthotics in his hiking boots. He developed such deep blisters that I had to do field surgery on his feet to drain them. There were blisters in the skin underneath his blisters! After 4 days of hiking he was a mess and could barely walk but he muscled through it and we made it out. The following week, most of the skin on both of his feet sluffed off (jungle rot from sweaty socks). Several weeks later his blisters finally healed.

    He was NOT wearing wool socks.

  • Al Quackenbush

    Would love to win these as I need some new socks. Great giveaway!

  • Al Quackenbush

    Best blister story. Packed moleskin as the day was going to be in the 90s. Sure enough, I wore a nice blister into my heel. A little first aid, the moleskin and dry socks and I was set for the day!

  • Tim

    Can’t say that I have any blister stories from the trail. I’ve had quite a few burn blisters from back in my days as a cook though. I remember one steam burn I had on half my hand from the soup warmer. I’ll never do that sh*t again. :P

  • Idaho Bone Collector

    You can always use some new socks. My worst blister story was when I bought a brand new pair of boots, never broke them in, and hiked for 2 hours with ankle socks which ended up falling down. I was young but definitely was the worst experience.

  • Sam

    Point 6 socks are the best ever. I used to live and work in Steamboat, and my office was in the same complex as theirs. I’m a devoted fan now!

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