Logistical Fun

Over the past week I have been looking at my guide books, reading trail journals, and crunching numbers.  I have managed to get through most of the trail on paper with only 500 miles left. I will most likely end up shaving some miles off a few of the days and adding more days in. So far with the plan I have created I am still looking good time wise. I have managed to figure out 12 mail drops all averaging between 5-7 days apart. I am figuring on carrying a minimum of 8 days’ worth of planned means excluding snacks just in case. You never know when I might decide to stay at a camp for a day extra or maybe run into so not so nice weather. I figure the weather will be my number one enemy closely followed by just wanting to be lazy.

One of the other issues I know I will run into will be when the drop points are open. Many of the hostels, post offices, and gear shops that let you ship stuff to them have some very odd schedules. Granted the post offices will most likely be the easiest to have a more regular schedule, some things just do not work out as planned.

I already know that things are not going to go exactly how they are planned but starting to plan with that in mind will allow me to look at these as flexible goals and not concrete goals.  Ultimately, the adventure is more about everything that happens on the trail between Springer and Katahdin not just getting to Katahdin.

I am still working on is creating meals that are not only healthy but also good tasting at an acceptable price. I am sure I will splurge on a few meals here and there that re prepackaged but it wouldn’t be an adventure without them right?
More to come and Happy trails this holiday weekend.

  • Misti Little

    I’m interested to see your spreadsheet when you are finished. Only twice did we plan for 8 days or more and both times we didn’t need it at all. (Smokies to skip Gatlinburg and 100 Mile Wilderness). We planned for a six month hike and shaved a month off by the time we finished. Flexibility will definitely be your friend. That’s not saying you won’t follow your plan, I just think plans are thrown at the door the moment you start walking.

    • http://hikingthetrail.com Adam Nutting

      I figure my sheet will never actually be done. I will get it to the point where I will just stop looking at it because I could continue to make small adjustments forever.

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