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Day5: We woke up and did our normal morning routine and after a small squabble between Jakob and Kyle about packs and weight we find out that Dalton isn’t feeling well. He was shaking real bad and Rob and Ginette took him to the staff cabins. They return an hour and a half later and asks us if we knew that he had diarrhea and had puked twice. We all truthfully answered no and they went on to tell us that he was dehydrated and had to go back to base camp.

Undeterred by the missing member, we carried on. Today would be the day that I was second to last in line Rob brought us together to discuss teamwork before we left. We went over the procedures about if there’s a river crossing, the first person in line would pass it back all the way to the adults. This included other obstacles in the path. This day was by far the best day of hiking we had! I don’t know if it was because Dalton was gone and we were all happier or the trail itself was just so beautiful! I think it was a little of both.

We followed Fish Creek all the way to our destination, Apache Springs. In fact, the only time we didn’t was the last mile or so. We stopped for a quick pee break next to the stream about an hour in and I dunked my hat into it. It was ice cold and felt great on my head! I was so in love with this trail, it was definitely one of my favorites! It was in the shade most of the time and the sound of the river accompanied us throughout the whole trip. By this time, I was really missing my music… and real food!

I did have some motivation though, Apache Springs was our layover, and we all wanted a layover! As soon as we stop for lunch, Rob brings up a very important matter that has slipped the crews mind, when were we going to do our conservation project and then our other activity, 3D archery. We came to a unanimous vote of doing the conservation project as soon as we got to camp if there was a spot open, then do archery the next day.

Michael and I were getting along great. I overheard Rob talking to Kyle in his tent last night about us being two peas in a pod. It was a nice feeling and I had a new topic to think about during our trek. I realized that I would make lists in order of importance of what to think about on the trails. I had every topic a boy might think about. Mostly cars, subs, music, girls, nature and other random crap that I’ve never cared about in my life. Its just when you hike you can’t help but appreciate everything, then you analyze it and reflect upon it.

Every one was happy and we had arguments but never more than a couple of minutes and we never held grudges. I thought the whole group was very mature because not only were we putting up with some pain (mental and physical) we managed to not take it out on each other. Michael and I made an agreement before we started that if either of us were to feel anger towards the other that we didn’t mean it, and not to be afraid to talk about it and work out the issue. Luckily we were probably the only tent partners that didn’t argue over small things that didn’t matter.

The crew then continues the hike towards Apache Springs. It was an uneventful hike but we were all in great spirits and had one heck of a great day! When we reached the half-mile left mark, Ron has developed a problem. He stops the group, grabs some t.p. then walked into the forest. Today was Ron’s day of infamy. The day he got the trots. The rest of the trip for him was terrible! Luckily we got there soon enough that he could rest a bit before lunch.

He looked bad and very pale. It was about noon, so we signed up for the 1:00 conservation project and we had an hour to eat lunch. While we were eating, Michael looks me in the eyes with a terrified look on his face and says “I think I just sharted”. I was dying inside of laughter but I knew better and all I could get out was “bummer” and then I had to leave to check my pack. He then does the penguin run to the red roof. He comes back about 5 min. later and is not happy. I knew he had entered the trots stage.

Ron was out of commission so we appointed Robert as our new leader. We then hike the 2 miles to the conservation site and got to work. Ron was in my group and I could tell he was feeling terrible so I let him rake up the dirt so he didn’t have to do much. I finally persuaded him to go tell Rob and Rob made him sit down to rest. He ended up falling asleep but we didn’t care, he said he felt a little better and the conservation people still let him get the hours he needed for the Arrowhead patch so it was a win-win situation.

After the 2 hours were up, we then hiked the 2 miles back to camp and put up camp! We ended up hiking about 8 miles that day. Robert and I put up Ron’s tent for him and got his bedroll out so when we were done eating he could go to bed. While we were doing that Jakob, Seth, and Ginette went to get our food because it was our pickup. They brought back strawberry milk and some fruit, which was the best thing ever!!

Michael started dinner and Robert and I went over to help him when we finished our own tents. Ron then attempted to eat an apple, which was a mistake and went over and puked. He felt much better afterwards. He then thanked everybody for all their help with the tent and everything else and went straight to bed. I didn’t blame him one bit! I was just happy he was better. By this time it was almost 6:00 so we ate our food then did our nightly talks and chores.

It was soon dark and Rob showed us some constellations in the sky. It was amazing how many stars you could see. Robert, Jakob, Michael and I stayed up an extra half hour so we could gaze into the stars. We ended up seeing about 9 shooting stars. I was tired so I had to go to bed, ending an amazing day!

This is a continuation of my brothers trail diary of his Philmont Trip in the summer of 2012. To read all of the previous posts you can find them here:

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