Philmont 2012 a look back Day 6

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Day 6:  Today was our layover, so we got to sleep in. It felt weird that waking up at 8 was considered sleeping in! This was the only time I found it easy to wake up and got right to work cooking. Ron was in a much better mood as he was feeling much better himself. We ate our meal then went to do 3D archery.

The lady, Victoria, was very nice and looked Native American. She showed us how to use the compound bows and we got started. All the animals had names but I can’t remember them.  I was a surprisingly good shot and only missed the last target, which we named Dalton because it was a huge elk. If we hit it, Victoria said she would give us a rice crispy treat so we all wanted to kill “Dalton.” Ron was the only one who hit him so he got the treat, which he formally declined as he was still not 100%. Kyle went with us and he had a great time to! Michael missed almost every target. One of the few he did hit the arrow was at an angle so it bounced off and went flying into the trees.

The hike back to camp was further than I thought but when we got back to camp Rob had a surprise for us. He had rigged up a shower out of our rain fly and a dromedary hanging from a tree. The dromedaries were lying in the sun all morning so the water was warmer than it could have been. We took our turns and it felt great!  The rest of the day was spent lounging around and relaxing and we went to the sweat lodge. It was a makeshift dome covered in leather and held together with PVC pipe.

The guy put the rocks that were in the fire into our tent and we put water on it to make steam. After 20 min. we got out perfectly not sweaty, and the other troops were drenched in sweat.  The problem was that the humidity we reached in the tent was what we normally have in Iowa and Missouri, so we were all used to it.

Tonight’s dinner was my favorite. Lasagna. Finally we had pasta and it was the best thing ever! I had 2 servings of it. When we went to put up bear bags we saw some mule deer out in the meadow not to far away and Robert was wearing a full camo poncho so he belly crawled out to them. The youngest buck was watching him and was very suspicious. After about 15 min. they all catch sight of him and go over to investigate. They got within 10 feet of Robert when Robert moved and they all ran off.

It was really cool but really scary for Robert! By this time the adults had the bear bags already up when the wilderness guias and a staffie showed up. I forgot I was supposed to be was supposed to be with them so I kept kinda quiet. They inspected our bear bags, which turned out to be too low. We had to redo what the leaders did and do it correctly! It took a surprisingly long amount of time and it was getting dark so we all made our midnight red roof run and then hit the hay.

This is a continuation of my brothers trail diary of his Philmont Trip in the summer of 2012. To read all of the previous posts you can find them here:

Adam Nutting relishes being an avid backpacker, hiker, and all-around adventure junkie. While he currently spends his time hiking in the backcountry of southern Arizona, he grew up in Missouri, where he was naturally inclined to spend as much time as he could outdoors. Adam’s passion for the outdoors grew as he climbed the ranks of the Cub Scouts and the Boy Scouts, eventually attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.

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