Keeping warm in the middle of a snow storm

photoOnly 16 days until the trail and there is so much to do and very little time left. I have spent most of the past few weeks snowed in. We have had more snow in the past 2 weeks than we have had in several years. Granted 16 inches isn’t a massive amount compared to some places in the continental United States. I have been having a constant battle with the city and they seem to be winning. Their trucks can plow more snow than I can shovel out of my driveway.

On Monday I was let go from work. I will not get into the details but needless to say it actually comes as a blessing. I had been planning on leaving anyway so in the end all things worked out in my favor. My stress level has gone down incredibly on the work side but is starting to increase as I get closer and closer to the trail. Packing of the pack, and continuous packing of resupply boxes and it just seems like nothing is getting done.

In other news today I booked my hotel room in Dahlonega Georgia. Dahlonega sits at the base of Springer Mountain the official Start of the AT.

More to come and maybe from GA?

  • Morgan

    I’m stoked about your trip and will be following you on this web page and your youtube channel. Keep us followers posted. Good luck and happy trails.

  • Nomadic Samuel

    It’s great you’ve kept a positive mind and feel less stressed these days. I lost my job back in late 2011 and I eventually found a better one along with meeting my current girlfriend. Had I stayed at the previous position I would have never met her :)

  • valinreallife

    Wow, can’t believe it’s almost here! I was planning on doing the run from Amicalola to the Hike Inn on the 17th. Hope I run into you! Best wishes friend…

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