10 things I learned about and from the Appalachian Trail

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twitterbgIn the coming weeks I am going to take some time and talk about each one of these items in depth but I wanted to share with you this list of things I learned about and from the Appalachian Trail. They are in no particular order and one does not have a more valuable lesson than the others. Each one of these have their own particular lesson and reason for learning them.

  1. Your only as strong as your weakest piece of gear.
  2. Hike your own Hike will only ever mean what you want it to mean.
  3. Tiny Reflective dots sewn into a shirt will really keep you warm even in the coldest of times.
  4. The AT is the Disney World of hiking trails.
  5. Community is everywhere you just have to look.
  6. Give people enough time and they will surprise you.
  7. Music can and will PUMP YOU UP.
  8. It is the simple things pizza included.
  9. Even when your tent is flooded and your gear is wet you can still be positive and happy.
  10. Getting lost is not always a bad thing.

Happy Trails.


Adam Nutting relishes being an avid backpacker, hiker, and all-around adventure junkie. While he currently spends his time hiking in the backcountry of southern Arizona, he grew up in Missouri, where he was naturally inclined to spend as much time as he could outdoors. Adam’s passion for the outdoors grew as he climbed the ranks of the Cub Scouts and the Boy Scouts, eventually attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.

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