Hiking Superstition Wilderness – First Water Trail & Boulder Creek

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IMG_3563I woke up early with great excitement to go hiking. Not only was this my first hike in Arizona it was my first hike with fellow #Omniten-ers Dave of WildernessDave.com and Heidi of  bananabuzzbomb.com. I have known both of these fine folks for awhile through social media, I had met Dave on our #omniten Rogue River trip, but this was my first time meeting Heidi. This was my first hike with them and from the Twitter chatter it was going to fun.

We all started watching the weather earlier in the week and decided that we would not let the rain stop us. Arizona ended up having record rainfall that started on Thursday and we were hiking that following Saturday.  It continued to rain with very strong winds as I drove out to our meeting spot.

I pulled in to the First Water road turn off and Dave and Heidi pulled in very shortly after. As Dave and I were discussing whether or not to take both vehicles all the way back to the trail head my Jeep decided to play a nice little prank on me. I am not sure if the wind blew the door shut or if I shut it but either way my Jeep proceeded to lock the doors with the keys in the ignition and running.


Photo Credit Hedi – bananabuzzbomb.com

As Dave and I were discussing which window would be cheaper to replace if knocked out a ranger drives past. We wave him over and ask if he has anything to help unlock the Jeep. He had lent out some of his tools not to long prior and they never returned. He did however have two wedges.  Using the wedges and some creative thinking on Dave’s part we managed to get the door unlocked. This whole ordeal only set up back about 20 minutes.

Back on the road we headed down to the trail head and got our stuff together and headed off into the rain. The first bit of the trail was flat which was a nice starter section to allow us to chat and to find our pace.  The mountains were glowing green a green I had never seen before.  We hiked a little further and came across our first obstacle. A quick moving but shallow runoff stream. We all crossed without any problems. My Columbia Master of Faster Shoes kept my feet nice and dry.

The rain had let up and the wind died down creating perfect hiking weather.  We managed to get in a few more miles before we hit Boulder Creek.  As we got closer to Boulder creek we noticed in the distance a series of waterfalls.  We were hoping to get over there and check them out. As we came round a bend we found that Boulder Creek was not a creek but instead a raging creek.


The swollen Boulder Creek


We found a shallow place to cross however it was still almost knee deep in places. There was no avoiding getting your feet wet so we all just stepped in and safely crossed.  The water was chilly and moving quickly. Heidi and I both said that we had gotten a little bit disorientated  by the quick moving water and the light colored rocks in places. Once across we duped out our shoes and headed up the mountain to check out the awesome water falls.  We found a nice little place to stop to have lunch and Dave says “Anyone care for a hot beverage?” as he pulls out his JetBoil.


Hot Beverages provided by “Adventure Dave” of the “Adventure Dave Experience”


Always time for a product plug.


Out view from our lunch spot.

We enjoyed a fantastic snack of Epic Bars, Backpacker Pucks, Coffee, Cider and other goodies.  Dave goes scrambling up the mountain to take a closer look at he waterfalls. Heidi and I decided to pass on this little adventure.  A few minutes later he yells saying that we have to come up and join him.  Heidi and I both were a little leery about climbing up, but we were very happy we did in the end.


Looking back at our lunch spot and Boulder Creek


ts always a good time for gear testing #tryingstuff!!


A close view of the waterfall.

We scrambled back down picked up our gear and headed back towards Boulder Creek. The water levels had gone down some but the water was still moving quickly. We crossed the creek again without any issues.  Overall it was a fantastic day with great people.

In order for you to have happy trails you gotta get out and hike.


Adam Nutting relishes being an avid backpacker, hiker, and all-around adventure junkie. While he currently spends his time hiking in the backcountry of southern Arizona, he grew up in Missouri, where he was naturally inclined to spend as much time as he could outdoors. Adam’s passion for the outdoors grew as he climbed the ranks of the Cub Scouts and the Boy Scouts, eventually attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.

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