10 Things I have learned since moving to the desert

Since moving from the Midwest to the desert I have learned a few things. I thought that I would put a few of them into a list and share them.

1. Sunglasses are a necessity.

2. I do not miss the humidity of the Midwest.

3. You will step on a cactus spine at least once a day even if you do not go outside.

4. Dust, it gets into everything.

5. Manners must only be used in the Midwest. Some people still use them but those folks are few and far between.

6. Sunscreen is a required item to be put on before leaving the house.

7. Items left in vehicles tent to melt.

8. Columbia Omni-Freeze is my best friend.

9.  Staying hydrated is a must even if having a lazy day.

10. If you can see it odds are it us much farther than you think.

Happy Friday and Happy Trails.



  • Joslyn Bloodworth

    Growing up in the Southwest, I found this list to be funny and true. I have to say, I’m one of the few people who don’t actually need suncreen, but sunglasses are a must. What people from other areas call manners, we call irritating and useless small talk, but that’s most of the West side of the country. And Omni-freeze is my very best friend!! :)

    • http://hikingthetrail.com/ Adam Nutting

      I agree that small talk can be super annoying however I am talking about things like saying thank you and not plowing people over with shopping carts in the store. The little things lol.

      • Joslyn Bloodworth

        Ahh, you see, I was 18 and had moved to Kentucky before I realized those kinds of things were rude. We go where we need to go and if you’re not fast enough or get in the way, you’re the rude one for being slow and in the way of all us fast moving locals. Born and raised Southwestern people are used to it and just really don’t think about it being rude to someone from outside our culture. I had to learn not to be like that when I lived in a culture that found this type of thing to be rude. I have to admit, since coming back I’ve reverted back a bit. :)

  • http://3upadventures.com Beth

    I disagree with #3! I’ve become really proficient at avoiding the cactus spines! (And for that matter, Sprocket’s gotten really good at following me through the desert so he avoids them too. He turns into my little shadow in the desert compared to on the beach or in the forest where he makes looping circles out and around me.)

    • http://hikingthetrail.com/ Adam Nutting

      All of the ones I have stepped on have been super tiny and always seem to be in the house never in the outdoors. They were most likely brought into the house by one of the dogs or by someone tracking them in. They love to hide in the carpet and attack you.

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