Get off the couch and get hiking!!!


Hey you! You sitting on the couch or behind the desk! Yes You I am talking to you! Lets talk about all this being lazy. Isn’t it time to get out there and be active? Yes it is a lot of hard work and requires you to get up super early to get some trail time in before work. Stop with the excuses. Either get busy living or get busy dying…..

Have you had conversations like this one with yourself? I was starting to have those more and more and my lazy alter ego was starting to win. I find that the more comfortable you become in life the more relaxed you become. Being relaxed is not  necessarily a bad thing. Some times its nice to be able to relax and enjoy your free time . Some times we can find ourselves becoming  lazy.  Working from home  and having the ability to set my own hours is fantastic. I truly love it, however, it makes things very easy to become lazy. I found myself snacking more than I should and not really paying attention to my activity level.  With  the Hell Hike and Raft expedition in under 4 months I have kicked my training into high gear. I am not one to get up and go “running” however I am starting to get set into a routine and to be honest its not terrible.

We will see how it is going in a few weeks but for now its a start. I have been eating much healthier. My snacking has also changed since I am focusing on things more to ensure my snack options are healthier. Keeping that all under control  is working ,but it is not enough.  It is time to kick it into high gear and get my hike on.

Happy Trails and remember to get off the couch.

  • Angela Anderson

    That is great! I have been meaning to hike after work at least once a week since I am training for a climb, but it is much easier to run than drive further out of the city. Fortunately, it stays light out until roughly 9pm now, so it is much easier to do things after work than before :)

    • Adam Nutting

      Staying active is something you have to make time for no matter the time of day. I find if I wait until the end of the day the weather is less cooperative and my “get up and go” is normally a sit down and not go.

  • Jessica Rhae

    My activity was severely restricted last year due to an injury. That basically have my lazy alter ego a license to run amok. Now I am finding it really hard to break out of that pattern (“I have too much to do”, although true but a convenient excuse, get in the way too) but I am trying my best. It’s a work in progress but I am happy as long as I am moving in the right direction.

    • Adam Nutting

      Moving forward can be tough, but moving even a little forward is still progress. I hope your recovery is going well and going quickly.

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