Big Agnes Super Scout UL 2 First look.

I had ordered a Big Agnes tent from Chris at The Gear house and like always kept me notified the entire way of when it was ordered from Big Agnes and what not. He sent me an email saying that he accidentally ordered the wrong tent. I asked him which one he ended up ordering and what the cost difference would be. I had actually ordered the Big Agnes Scout Plus UL. I decided to chance it and just roll with it. The difference in price was roughly $50. I was not sure what to expect honestly. I set it up the other day and took a few photos.

Big Agnes Super Scout UL2 Front

Looking at the front of the tent with the vestibule door shut.

Front of the tent with the vestibule door open.

Front of the tent with the vestibule door open.

A look inside the sleeping area of the tent.

A look inside the sleeping area of the tent.

My first impression of the Big Agnes Super Scout UL 2 is that it is a neat super light tent that sets up easily and quickly. Weighing in at just over two pounds this tent will not break your back. This two man tent truly feels like a two man with plenty of sleeping room. With the additional space of the vestibule you can store all of your gear in a dry area. I am also pretty sure that you could keep Sasquatch in there to keep you company or to be your security system.

I am incredibly excited to get this little tent out and give it a proper testing.  Have you used this tent? I would love to hear your comments.


  • Michael Brouillette

    I like it and the weight is still down I think I might want one myself for my PCT hike

    • Adam Nutting

      If you do not want or need the extra vestibule room they have two other versions of the Scout. Might be something to look into also.

  • Giovani

    My hiking buddy has a Big Agnes and I can tell you it takes twice as long to set up as my Tarptent and weighs twice as much. I know what you’re going to say… The Tarptent brand is not a tarp. It has a full bathtub, Noseeum mesh and is completely stormproof. Made in the USA it has all the bells and whistles you could ever want. The model called the Moment is mod comparable to the UL2. Check it out.

    • Adam Nutting

      The Tarptent brand has come a long way over the years. Lots of really neat and innovative products. The SS UL2 took me under five minutes to set up on the first try mostly because its not like any tent I had ever set up. I have since set it up several times and its super quick. I will have to look into the Moment.

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