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Hear that, kids? The outdoors is calling

With Biscayne Bay at her back, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell unveiled a national effort Friday to bridge the growing gap between the great outdoors and inner city kids.

“We know we need to get more kids engaged in the outdoors,” Jewell said. “It feeds their soul.”

Jewell, the former CEO of outdoor gear retailer REI appointed by President Barack Obama in 2013, has taken a special interest in reconnecting kids, particularly urban youth, with public lands. Friday’s announcement — a partnership with the YMCA backed with a $5 million from American Express — will help hire staff in 50 cities, including Miami, to fulfill a mission of “play, learn, serve and work.”

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Craft beer, with an outdoors spirit, now on tap

Park City Brewery is open for business.

Scott Ray, Jeremy Ray, Brian Ray, Hud Knight and Jeff Petway are the managing partners of the new brewery on Rasmussen Road, which runs parallel to I-80 between Jeremy Ranch and Kimball Junction.

“We started thinking about it in 2012,” said Scott Ray. “The story here is, Jeremy’s my brother and he’s been brewing for a long time.”

“Living out here in Utah, obviously it has a stigma about being weird with alcohol laws and a lot of those things have been changed and there’s a lot of strong breweries here like Uinta and Wasatch and Squatters. But it’s still, as far as per capita, one of the lowest states so far as breweries go. And we love Park City,” he said.

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Call ‘8,000 Miles Across Alaska’ an instant classic of Alaska outdoors literature

When Tim Hewitt and Tom Jarding staggered into Nome in March of 2001 at the end of their first Iditasport Impossible race, they did so as record setters. They had walked the entire Iditarod Trail in 26 days, 20 hours and 46 minutes.

Along the way they’d battled unbroken trail, blowing snow, frigid subzero temperatures, insufficient caloric intake, injuries ranging from blisters to Hewitt’s fractured tibia, sleep deprivation, hallucinations and their own minds. Simply putting one foot in front of the other under such conditions had been an ordeal most people would never want to endure, much less voluntarily embark upon. Thus it was unsurprising that an exhausted and near-skeletal Hewitt told a reporter that he was happy to have done it and even happier to know he’d never have to do it again.

Then he changed his mind.

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Outing group’s excursions help many find peace in nature

A wall of blue and white ice, Houston Brook Falls loomed overhead, adorned with icicles and clumps of snow.

“Many people have told me they’ve had spiritual experiences here,” Victor “Vic” Morin of Abbot said as he watched people approach the frozen waterfall.

In the middle of the woods of Pleasant Ridge Plantation, the waterfall is always taking on a new shape, he said. In the spring, for instance, after a heavy rain, water rushes over the angular rock in a series of arcing cascades, and mist from the falls reaches visitors on nearby ledges.

Vic Morin has visited Houston Brook Falls many times as the leader of Connecting with Nature, an outing group with the purpose to promote wellness and community through wilderness excursions, big and small.

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‘The adventure has started’ Solar-powered plane on global journey

Solar Impulse founder André Borschberg was at the controls of the single-seat aircraft when it lumbered into the air at the Al Bateen Executive Airport. Borschberg will trade off piloting with Solar Impulse co-founder Bertrand Piccard during layovers on a 35,000-kilometer (21,700-mile) journey.

Some legs of the trip, such as over the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, will mean five days and five nights of flying solo. Both pilots have been training hard for this journey, which will span 25 flight days over five months before this Spruce Goose of renewable energy returns to Abu Dhabi in late July or August.

“It is also exciting because you know, you simulate, you calculate, you imagine, but there is nothing like testing and doing it in real,” Borschberg said just hours before takeoff. “I am sure we are all confident and hopefully we will be able to see each other here in five months.”

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