Cascade Mountain Tech – Quick Lock Carbon Fiber Cork Grip Trekking Poles – Gear Review

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I have been using trekking poles ever since I started hiking when I was a young Scout. They help with balance, remove stress from joints and muscles. Trekking poles are an updated version of a walking stick. Trekking poles are made from light weight aluminum or carbon fiber. They typically collapse to a smaller size or can be taken apart. This is to allow a hiker or backpacker the ability to stow the poles when not needed.

Cascade Mountain Tech was kind enough to be a Hell Hike and Raft 2015 gear partner and sent each crew member a pair of their Quick Lock Carbon Fiber Cork Grip Trekking Poles.


I was very glad I had trekking poles on the Hell Hike and Raft trip. The first day on the trail we had a steep climb into the Seven Devils and the last day had a descent of over 6000 feet in six miles. Having the trekking poles save me from landing on my face or backside several times through out the three days of backpacking. These poles were used on scree fields, bolder fields, flat dirt trail and steep dirt trails. They saw pretty much every type of terrain possible and they were beat up pretty good.

The Pros

  • Light weight. Each trekking pole is 10 ounces
  • Adjustable length.
  • Quick locks to allow for quick size changes
  • Two hand hold positions for different pole use
  • Cork and foam hand grips.
  • Collapsible
  • Affordable at $49.99
  • Strong and Durable
  • Multiple tips and baskets included.

The Cons

  • The quick locks needed to be adjusted after continued use to keep the poles from collapsing
  • Not everyone likes carbon fiber trekking poles
Carbon Fiber sections!

Carbon Fiber sections!


Quick Lock System!


Small basket and metal tip.


Cork and foam multi-situation hand grips

Overall the Quick Lock Carbon Fiber Cork Grip Trekking Poles were comfortable. Having the cork handles and the foam grips helped in the many different situations. I was extremely happy with their performance on the trail. Retail price of 49.99 makes them extremely affordable.

To learn more about the Quick Lock Carbon Fiber Cork Grip Trekking Poles please visit the Cascadse Mountain Tech website.

Full Disclosure: The Quick Lock Carbon Fiber Cork Grip Trekking Poles used in the review were provided to me by Cascadse Mountain Tech at no cost to me. These were provided as part of the Epic Social Adventures Hell Hike and Raft 2015 adventure.  This did not influence my review in any way. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own and were not guided in any manor.


Adam Nutting relishes being an avid backpacker, hiker, and all-around adventure junkie. While he currently spends his time hiking in the backcountry of southern Arizona, he grew up in Missouri, where he was naturally inclined to spend as much time as he could outdoors. Adam’s passion for the outdoors grew as he climbed the ranks of the Cub Scouts and the Boy Scouts, eventually attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.

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