Keep You & Your Home Safe While Exploring the Backcountry

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When you explore the wilderness there are a host of essential items you’ll need for an enjoyable and comfortable experience. Whether you’re in the foothills of the mountains, the vast arid desert, or the alpine heights, specialized equipment is a must.

However, when you leave civilization behind, you should also set your affairs in order for the long term. An empty house or apartment can be the victim of burglaries and stagnant bank accounts are subject to fraud. How do you protect your self and your assets while away from home? Here are tips so you can prepare for both.


When, Where, How Long?

Survivalists need a variety of skills and knowledge no matter where you explore. However, different climates and wilderness create different needs for those who seek to conquer them. Therefore, knowledge of the plants, animals, and potential weather patterns of the region you’ll adventure in, are essential. The region you explore also dictates the equipment you should bring, as does the length and time of your trip. If you expect inclement weather, comprehensive rain gear is a must, as is a technique of rain catching for fresh water. If your trip is a lengthy one, plan out your rations with care for each day, learn what plants are edible and when they grow, as well as what other animals eat them. You don’t want to get caught face to face with a bear while fishing in a river. Once you have these skills and details sorted, set your home affairs in order.

Before You Leave

You know when, where and, how long you’ll be gone, but who else knows these specifics? There are some people and institutions you should notify of your trip dates. This doesn’t mean you should get on social media and announce to the world you’ll spend the next six weeks away from your home. This could be just the type of cue someone has waited for in order to use your credit card number for local purchases, or burglarize your home.

Before you leave alert your banks and credit card company that you’ll be out of town for the duration of your trip. Then, if anyone uses your cards your bank will be sure to flag the transaction as suspicious. Let your trusted neighbors know you’ll be out of town for some time. Maybe even have them check up on your place from time to time, water plants in the summer months, or make sure your home hasn’t been tampered with.

While these steps are essential before you leave, nothing eliminates the risk to your home and assets completely, which is why you should also sign up for an identity theft protection service, like LifeLock. LifeLock will monitor your cards, accounts, and even your Social Security number while you’re away. If suspicious activity is detected, they can even sort it out for you.


While the survivalist prides himself on his capacity to improvise, some equipment is essential. If you plan a winter trip, a four seasons tent is a must, as is a gas camping stove and warm, layered clothing. Remember, the wilderness is a wild paradise because it’s clean of human impact, so make sure you take garbage bags and follow the policy of “pack it in, pack it out,” and take your garbage with you. A first aid kit is essential, as well as bear spray if you are in known bear country. Simple accessories like a baseball cap, sunblock, and sunglasses will make your time more enjoyable if it’s high summer.

About the Author- Alex Clark-McGlenn is currently taking his MFA in creative writing from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts. He has been published in eFiction Magazine, Inkwell at Evergreen, Slightly West Literary Magazine, and appeared in Smokebox Literary Magazine July, 2014. He currently lives in Seattle, Washington.


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