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trade-mark-pictureThere were two severely injured women, one lost horse and one dead horse.  Two motorcyclist entered park property through a cut fence and sped off on a hiker/horse only trail where, you guessed it, they ran head on into two unsuspecting equestrians and the encounter turned deadly.  Trail conflict was thought to be the problem that had no solution until a group of park volunteers addressed the issue and found that trail conflict was not the problem.  This tragedy was the result of a disconnect in communication between trail users and park management.

Trail users knew the fence had been cut but who should they report it to?  Was it the responsibility of the park, city, county, recreation district or anyone of several federal agencies.  No one knew so it wasn’t reported and it wasn’t fixed and now you know the result.

A group of eight women, mostly equestrians, pooled their money, hired a programmer, and introduced a new website called Park Watch where information related to safety, maintenance and the environment could be reported electronically and received immediately by park management.  Several CA State Parks agreed to test the new format and they liked it but the original version was limited in scope, geography and capabilities.

It was quickly realized that the idea had tremendous potential.  With the right team behind it ParkWatchReport could be used nationwide and have far more functionality than just reporting.  The development rights to Park Watch were sold in 2014, the software was reprogrammed, a phone app was added, and the new software, known as ParkWatchReport, was born.

Today ParkWatchReport offers a web based service that provides a website and a mobile app for all parks everywhere to use to improve trails and address safety issues by engaging the public’s help.

Today ParkWatchReport has hundreds of parks listed and many that offer more than just reports. These parks specifically wanted maps, a calendar, alerts, and park news made available to park visitors on the ParkWatchReport website and phone app.   Reports are directed to the land manager based on the GPS coordinates that are taken from the reporting parties smart phone.  A park visitor can send a report from any park anywhere in the US even with minimal cell reception by using the “Report from Anywhere” function.

Our work is never done.

We are continuously adding features to ParkWatchReport.  A text alert function is being developed and will be available soon.  Park visitors that have registered on ParkWatchReport can select parks as favorites.  If the superintendent of that park adds an alert it will be sent via text message to those that have chosen that park as a favorite.
The current system for tracking all of the hard work that park volunteers do is labor intensive, time consuming, and outdated.  ParkWatchReport is creating a system to track, record, dispatch, and alert volunteer groups.

Join us in our quest to help land managers keep our public land safe, clean, and enjoyable.  If you love the wonderful system of parks, trails, and open spaces that have been reserved for recreation and preservation then ParkWatchReport is your ticket to the ultimate in stewardship.  Park rangers and wardens need your “eyes and ears” to alert them to circumstances and conditions that you observe and are concerned about.

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The use of ParkWatchReport is NOT for emergencies.


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