20 Ways to avoid mosquitoes like the plague – Part 2

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How to keep mosquitoes away while camping? We’ve collected remedies and methods, some of which have been around since your grandparents while others are courtesy of folks to think outside the repellent. Read this list twice if you’re a frequent target. Memorize it if mosquitoes seem to have your number on speed dial.

  1. Those smelly feet mentioned earlier? Wash them often while camping, even if it’s a pain in the neck to do so.
  2. Apply EPA-approved repellents to both exposed skin and areas beneath clothing as extra insurance, since this is how to keep mosquitoes away while camping, according to plenty of veteran outdoor families.
  3. If commercial repellents scare you, apply geranium oil or citronella to the skin for an organic option.
  4. Load up on garlic the week before your camping expedition. Tote garlic-scented products (available at garden retailers). Neither will help your love life, but the sulfur compounds your pores omit tend to scare mosquitoes away.
  5. Re-spray after exercise—jogging, hiking, chopping wood, etc.) because when you’re active, you give off huge amounts of lactic acid and carbon dioxide, both of which are mosquito aphrodisiacs.
  6. Hold the salt. Chemistry professor Anne Helmenstine says salt also triggers the production of lactic acid. She also recommends going easy on potassium-loaded foods, so leave the bananas home and bring the burgers.
  7. Stick to white and light-colored clothing when you camp. Yes, you will come home with barbecue sauce stains, but if your wardrobe selections mean you return with no mosquito punctures, we promise not to call the fashion police.
  8. Pick a breezy spot to camp or bring a battery-operated fan. Seriously. University of Florida mosquito expert Jonathan Day says that mosquitoes can’t fly if wind speeds exceed 1 mph, so get those blades turning.
  9. Prepare to do battle if you intend to consume the ice chest full of beer you’re bringing for your buddy trip. Drinking alcohol cranks up your metabolic rate. You might as well bring a neon sign that says, “Bite me.”
  10. Sounds counter-intuitive, but if you wear clothing made of fabric with tightly woven fabrics, your chances of being victimized by mosquitoes can be cut dramatically.
  11. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that ultrasonic devices work. Spend the money on a branded or natural insect repellent instead if you’re serious about how to keep mosquitoes away while camping.
  12. Make friends with DEET-laced repellents despite their lousy reputations. Learn the secret of applying DEET-based products: You’re not applying perfume, so use it as you would hand lotion: Squirt it on your palms and apply.
  13. Pack mosquito netting. Folks in tropical settings have been sleeping beneath it for centuries and it won’t add to the weight of the provisions you bring along on your camping trip.
  14. Don’t believe everything you read. Dr. Immo Hansen of New Mexico State University jokes that he spends more time than he likes refuting rumors that Vitamin B1 skin patches repel mosquitoes. Add this to your urban myth list.
  15. Spray yourself with Victoria’s Secret popular-selling scent Bombshell and you’ll repel both mosquitoes and other bugs. Ladies: We have it on good authority that this won’t turn off guys obsessed with you.
  16. Stay home if you’re pregnant, says London dermatologist Dr. Anjali Mahto. Pregnant women emit carbon dioxide and their resting body temperatures are high, both of which attract mosquitoes. Given the current Zika scare, it’s doubly important to be cautious.
  17. According to the Medical Daily, “Catnip (Nepetalactone) has been proven 10-times more effective than DEET.” If you can sneak your kitty’s stash into your gear bag and avoid claw marks, you’re a better cat parent than most!
  18. Have you tossed out dryer sheets after reading that they clog landfills? Put them to work instead: Stuff pockets with them and mosquitoes will ignore you.
  19. Avon has been marketing “Skin So Soft” as a mosquito repellent for decades, and there are plenty of believers who swear by it.
  20. Clip a ThermaCELL to your belt. Filled with synthetic chrysanthemum agents, you’ll turn yourself into a mobile fogger, but refills give you long-term bang for your buck.

The mosquitoes have been on earth long enough and these pests won’t be extinct anytime soon. Not only will they spoil your mood during the summer camp, you will be itching and swearing at them for a few days.

With these 20 techniques in place, most mosquitoes will be removing you from their contact list. Share this knowledge with your friends or family so you guys will have an enjoyable summer adventure.

Make sure to read the first part of this two part post How to Keep Mosquitoes away while Camping because it has a large amount of information about mosquitos what disaeses they carry and how they can be harmful to your health.

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