Hiking Snacks: 6 Recipes to Keep You Energized On The Trail

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When you hit the trail for a long hike, you must have a few essentials in your backpack: plenty of water, sunscreen, bug spray. But if you don’t have the proper fuel to carry you through your hike, you won’t make it very far. Trail snacks are just as important as any of the other basics. Junk food won’t work — you need high-quality, healthy snacks that will provide long-lasting energy. Try crafting one of these easy, portable and energy-packed snacks instead.

1.Homemade Clif Bars

If a protein-rich Clif Bar is your go-to for any long session of physical activity, then you might consider this healthier homemade version. It forgoes the refined sugar that’s often added to store-bought protein bars in favor of a bit of natural honey or agave. Mixed with the powerful protein of peanut butter, carb-rich oats and dried fruit and a dash of salt, the components of this healthier Clif Bar will easily power you through your hike. Freeze the extra Clif Bars for your next outdoor endeavor.

2. No-Bake Oatmeal Protein Energy Bites

These surprisingly easy energy balls only take a few minutes to make, but they’re packed with all of the protein, carbs and healthy fat you’ll need to keep your muscles and mind engaged in your hike. The recipe calls for rolled oats and vanilla protein powder, but you can skip the protein powder if you don’t have it on hand — you’ll get plenty of protein from the oats and the half-cup of peanut butter. Cinnamon, chia seeds, honey and vanilla extract, plus your choice of raisins or chocolate chips, round out the recipe.

3. Healthy Trail Mix

If you want something even easier to make than the previous two recipes, it doesn’t get much simpler than dumping a bunch of ingredients in a bag or mason jar and hitting the trail. Trail mix provides energy thanks to the protein and fat from nuts and seeds, plus energy-rich carbs from dried fruits and other extras. This basic trail mix recipe essentially lays out the proportions for the ingredients (nuts, seeds, dried fruits, etc.), but leaves the exact components up to you.

4. Spiced Pumpkin Seed and Cashew Crunch

If you want to take your trail mix game to the next level, roll up your sleeves and do some prep work for this spiced pumpkin seed and cashew crunch. It’s still a relatively simple process. Combine egg white, agave, garam masala seasoning, salt and cayenne pepper in a bowl, then toss it with chopped cashews, shelled pumpkin seeds (AKA pepitas) and sunflower seeds. Roast in the oven for about 25 minutes and let the concoction cool, then divvy it up into bags for your hike.

5. Nutty Quinoa Fuel Bars

You’ve probably heard quinoa hailed as a superfood in recent years, and for good reason. It’s one of the few plant-based sources of complete protein — that is, a protein that contains all the amino acids essential to your body. Your body basically recognizes the protein as the same stuff that comes from meat, but without any of the negative aspects of meat such as saturated fat and excess sodium.

These Nutty Quinoa Fuel Bars rely on the ancient grain for protein, along with nut butter, rolled oats and protein powder. Add chia seeds, an egg and your favorite nuts to bring the healthy fat, then some cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla for an infusion of sweet and refreshing flavors. Then simply bake and pack up your fuel bars for the trail. If you’re hiking with friends, impress them by bringing a few extras along for them.

6. Chili-Lime Roasted Chickpeas

You might have seen bags of crunchy chickpeas replacing some of the snacking options at your supermarket. If you’re a fan of chips and pretzels, roasted chickpeas are a much healthier salty-snack option — and they’re easy to make at home. Simply drain a can of chickpeas and pat them dry, then roast them. Once they come out of the oven nice and crispy, toss the chickpeas with salt, chili powder, and grated lime. Store the chickpeas in a parchment paper bag to keep them perfectly crunchy.

With these snacks stashed away for your next hike, you’ll be able to trek all the way to the highest mountain peak and keep up with your most athletic hiking buddy. Since you have a selection of homemade options at your fingertips, you’ll be able to easily steer clear of the added sugars that are often lurking in store-bought versions of protein bars and trail mixes. Whip up your own energizing bites at home, and you can rest assured that they only contain the healthy and natural ingredients you love.

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