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Day 14- One Step Two Step

More Walking on a very beautiful evening. The sun was setting quickly but the moon was full and awesome. As we rounded a corner there she was a Doe eating the grass on the hill of the side of an overpass. It was odd to see a deer on the trail. I did attempt to take a shot of the deer however a biker on the trail spooked him. And all I could get was a shot of its back side.

It is very odd to see deer right in the middle of town. Growing up in the country we would see deer all the time.

I also managed to snap a nice photo of the moon

Until Tomorrow.

Days 11- 12 -13

Well since i don’t have a whole lot to post about outside of Packing moving and trying to get into shape I figured I would lump the past few into one post. Not really anything new. Work is work. Packing at home.
The one thing I do have to talk about is an old college friend of mine messaged me and said “Know of any good cheap ways to get into shape” She is looking at getting into shape before October for her wedding. She is trying to loose a little bit of weight so that she can fit into a dress. The dress was the last one of a discontinued style so it was either trim down or new dress. She chose to trim down. So we agreed that there are a couple of nice trails to go walking on. Tonight (Day 13) was the first night. It was a lot of fun. We got to catch up with each others lives while we walked. Tonight we managed to walk roughly about 2 miles not really accurate but o well good enough for government work. Next time ill have an pedometer on my phone or maybe ill go buy one.

Until Tomorrow…..

Day 10 – Mixed Feelings

Today my girlfriend J leaves for a week long adventure with a Youth Summer Camp. That is where J and I met 11 years ago. It is a camp for kids with cancer. I attended the camp as a child and then later went back as staff and then had the privilege of sitting on the organizational board (They plan the week of camp and year round events). I had many great years and loved every moment of it while I was on the camp grounds however it was the politics of both the local and national organization that caused me to quit. It was one of those moments when you really hate to quit and walk away but it was just time. I am not a quitter however some times its just better for the cause to step back and let it go. It is very hard to explain why I left to even those closest to me. Only those that knew what was going on and also decided to leave at the same time would understand. I had never been hurt like that in my life. To have something that you love and lived for ripped right out of the core of your being. Every year during the second week of June I see and hear about everyone getting ready. I do miss it and will always have a empty place in my heart for it. I wish them a lot of fun and many great memories.

Until tomorrow….

Day 9 – Packing like a fiend

Well not much to report continued progress of not drinking soda, eating smaller portions, and eating healthier. Packing is my main focus as I have to get stuff packed and moved to the new house pretty much 2 -3 times or more this upcoming next week. I plan on more packing this weekend surprise.

If you are planning on going on adventures over the next few months id recommend watching

Into the Wild

and reading

A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson

Day 8 – Videos a Plenty

A little bit of research and inspiration

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