Sponsor Highlight: PurifiCup – Pure Drinking Water Anywhere


DSC_0441Welcome to another Sponsor highlight. Today I am highlighting PurifiCup®. The PurifiCup® filtration system allows you to purify water on the go in any situation.  PurifiCup® utilizes nano-silver technology to eliminate chemical and biological contaminants, along with 99.99 percent of over 600 types of bacteria, including E-Coli. The cup’s technology also removes heavy metals such as mercury, lead, copper and cadmium, while preserving beneficial minerals.

Each replaceable filter provides up to 100 cups of pure water from the tap or from water obtained from free-flowing freshwater lakes, rivers and streams. The firm offers three types of 10-ounce PurifiCup®, one for tap water, natural water, providing 100 to 330 cups of pure water, depending on the selected series.

The earth friendly travel water system fits easily in a backpack, carry-on, handbag or briefcase, and requires no additional hoses or attachments – just fill and it filters. It’s available in attractive colors –green, purple for Natural Water version and Orange for the Tap Water version. It’s an ideal solution for outdoor enthusiasts, world travelers, along with those who live and work in tenuous conditions such as reporters, missionaries and rescue workers. It’s an essential element of any well-stocked emergency or survival preparedness kit.

To learn more about the Purifi Cup filtration system check out their website at Purificup.com. You can also find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.  You can also read my review about the Purifi cup.

Sponsor Highlight: Mointainsmith – Forged in the Rockies Forged for life


Welcome to another Sponsor highlight. Today I am highlighting Mountainsmith.  With equipment ranging from backpacks to trekking poles Motuntainsmith has it all. I have been very luck to get to  work with these fine folks. The products are great and the folks who work there are even better.  Here is a little bit about the company and its story.

Our commitment to innovation began in 1979 and continues to the present with a full line of active lifestyle products backed by four core tenets: value, durability, utility and sustainability. Our line offers high-quality products that are used both on and off the trail ranging from technical backpacks to travel storage systems to our iconic lumbar series. In 2007, we set out to decrease the waste of plastic bottles made from PET through the incorporation of recycled post-consumer materials into our products without sacrificing our high-quality standards, this fabric is known as ReForge™. In 2012, we are on a march to save 4 million water bottles from hitting the landfill and ReForge™ is used in over 35% of our product line. Forged in the Rockies, Forged for Life.

CS-B711The fine folks at Mountainsmith were kind enough to hook me up with a fantastic an El Diente 5 Degree Sleeping Bag.  I have used this bag several times in the past year. The  El Diente is warm lighte weight and compacts down quite small.

To learn more about the Mountainsmith company and their products you can visit their website.  You can also find them on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.


Sponsor Highlight: Point6 – Fine Merino Wool Socks

Welcome to another Sponsor highlight. Point6 a company who has taken a very simple idea and turned it into a fantastic product. One would think that socks are a pretty basic thing but for hikers and backpackers socks are the second most important things in our arsenal of gear. Socks have to be light weight, breathable, comfortable, durable, and padded in the right places. Point6 has gone above and beyond with their socks. If you would like to read my review on the Point6 socks you can view it here

Not only does Point6 make a great line of socks they are also fantastic at customer service and customer outreach. I think you might actually see them on twitter(link) and facebook(link) more than I am. Which for a brand is fantastic.

What makes these socks so great is that they are made from Merino wool and are made right here in America.

Enough bragging already and lets here it from the pros about who they are and what they do.

The Point6 name is derived from 98-point-6-degrees Fahrenheit (the body’s optimal body temperature), and stands for optimal comfort and performance through the temperature stabilizing properties inherent to Point6 merino wool products. Unlike cotton or synthetics, merino wool fibers create efficient insulation that regulates temperatures to keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. Merino wool fibers offer a complex moisture management system that both repels and absorbs moisture to keep feet dry, comfortable and blister-free.

Point6 exclusively uses 100% compact spun merino yarns in lieu of conventional ring spun yarns to address durability issues sometimes present with merino wool. The end product is exceptionally soft and durable with unparalleled longevity.
Based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and Made in the USA, the company has also developed several design innovations that perfect and enhance the fit including the Ultra Smooth toe closure, deep heel pockets and Graduated Compression Technology, among others.

Point6 Technical Features:

  • 100% compact spun merino wool for durability and comfort
  • First-ever truly white merino wool
  • Graduated Compression Technology to increase the flow of un-oxygenated blood out of the lower legs for reduced muscle soreness, shortened recovery time and improved overall performance
  • Ultra Smooth toe seam closure that is undetectable by toes
  • Deep heel pocket enhances fit by comfortably surrounding the heel to eliminate tightness across the instep
  • Heel, toe and high-heel areas are reinforced with nylon for maximum durability
  • Advanced knitting techniques to incorporate ventilation panels on instep
  • Arch and ankle braces for support and enhanced fit
  • Sport-specific cushioning
  • Size and style name kit inside the cuff
  • Non-binding welt top

Sponsor Highlight: Innate – outdoor and travel storage

Happy Friday everyone and happy holidays to you and yours. I would like to spend some time and highlight another one of my awesome sponsors. Innate has climbed on board this crazy train destined for the Appalachian Trail. These folks have been a pleasure to work with thus far and have some really awesome gear. Their products are innovative, creative, and very practical for many types of traveler. Their gear is great for the car camper, lightweight backpacker, weekend hikers and so many more.  In addition to stainless steel products to keep your liquids hot, cold and easy to transport, Innate focuses on outdoor and travel storage solutions.  Things like water storage, food storage, and gear storage. One of my favorite items they have is their line of Mentor Storage Sacs. I was introduced to this product and the Innate Gear company by Zach Davis aka The Good Badger.  I will spend more time reviewing their products in future posts to provide more in depth looks of some of their great gear.

I had asked the great folks at Innate  in a paragraph sum up what it is they do and who they are. Here is what they had to say.

“At Innate we create storage solutions for food, drink and outdoor travel that combine LEANER designs with CLEANER production processes which move us toward GREENER product. Moving beyond slogans, this is about minimizing our ecological footprint; a metaphor for the total impact we have on the planet when we make a product or do an activity like drive a car. Our product collections combine thoughtful clean design with careful attention to production quality for durable functionality and timeless appeal. Our goal is that you will experience lasting satisfaction from our products and recommend them to your family and friends.”

Please head on over to their website, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

Happy Trails and Happy New Year


Sponsor Highlight – Trail Sherpa

In the coming months I will be showcasing my sponsors. The first sponsor is Trail Sherpa. I asked Tim what is Trail Sherpa and what does Trail Sherpa do. Here is what he had to say.

Trail Sherpa is a web design and digital strategy firm that works exclusively with outdoor brands and bloggers. We build websites for new product launches, retail sales channels, and fundraising campaigns. Of course, we build engaging outdoor blogs as well.

Our mission is to help our clients build communities around their products and adventures.

With a decade of experience in web design and digital strategy, our approach to storytelling starts with engaging and responsive design. We build websites that allow our clients to tell their story in a rich and engaging way and empowers their site visitors to easily enjoy and share the stories that matter to them.

TrailSherpa.com is also a first for the outdoor industry. We introduced our flagship website a few years ago and it has grown into a hub for great outdoor commentary and gear reviews. Our network includes a handful of campaign sites as well as the syndicated content of our outdoor blogger members. Currently, the Trail Sherpa network syndicates content from more than 10 outdoor blogs.

A huge thanks to Trail Sherpa for being a sponsor and look forward to all of the upcoming updates , changes and things to come.

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