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Luci® Outdoor Inflatable Solar Lantern – Gear Review

Luci2At first I was not really sure what to expect when I was told I was going to be sent a Luci Inflatable solar lantern. After using it on several road trips in the past few months I have come to really like it. It is light weight, packable, and very easy to use.  The Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern by MPOWERD is made out of a durable plastic and is waterproof.

The Luci Outdoor inflatable solar lantern utilizes LED lights to provide two levels of brightness and an emergency flashing setting. To charge you simply have to place the lantern with the solar panels facing the sun. A lithium ion battery powers the lantern to provide you with hours of light for your vehicle, campsite, or emergency situation. It has a handle on each side that can be used to hold the lantern or  to hang it in your tent, RV, or house.  The Luci weighs in at only 4 ounces and collapses down to a height of one inch. The Luci pumps out a fantastic 65 Lumen of white light.

Big Agnes Super Scout UL 2 First look.

I had ordered a Big Agnes tent from Chris at The Gear house and like always kept me notified the entire way of when it was ordered from Big Agnes and what not. He sent me an email saying that he accidentally ordered the wrong tent. I asked him which one he ended up ordering and what the cost difference would be. I had actually ordered the Big Agnes Scout Plus UL. I decided to chance it and just roll with it. The difference in price was roughly $50. I was not sure what to expect honestly. I set it up the other day and took a few photos.

Big Agnes Super Scout UL2 Front

Looking at the front of the tent with the vestibule door shut.

Front of the tent with the vestibule door open.

Front of the tent with the vestibule door open.

A look inside the sleeping area of the tent.

A look inside the sleeping area of the tent.

My first impression of the Big Agnes Super Scout UL 2 is that it is a neat super light tent that sets up easily and quickly. Weighing in at just over two pounds this tent will not break your back. This two man tent truly feels like a two man with plenty of sleeping room. With the additional space of the vestibule you can store all of your gear in a dry area. I am also pretty sure that you could keep Sasquatch in there to keep you company or to be your security system.

I am incredibly excited to get this little tent out and give it a proper testing.  Have you used this tent? I would love to hear your comments.


RuggedTec RoqBloq Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker – Gear Review

photo 3The RuggedTec RoqBloq  Outdoor Bluetooth speaker quite honestly blew me away. I was not really sure what to expect when I pulled it out of the box. Many of the other outdoor speakers I have used in the past sounded like they were stuck in a tunnel and their battery life did not meet expectations. the RoqBloq will give you eight hours to rock out and does so with fantastic sound quality.

This little speaker can be connected to your smart device with Bluetooth or via a headphone jack. the RoqBloq comes with the connection cable so no need to hunt one down.  It also comes with the USB charging cable. To get a full charge it can take between 6-8 hours of charging from a wall socket and longer from something like a computer. A charge will last eight hours. I am not able to say that the battery lasts exactly eight hours however It does last for a long time. None of that gone in an hour stuff like many rechargeable products. (more…)

Nite Ize Figure 9 Tent Line Kit – Gear Review

Photo courtesy of Nite Ize

Photo courtesy of Nite Ize

We have all been there. We get to camp late and setting up camp is a hassle.  The hardest part of setting up the tent is always staking out and setting of the guy lines. Nite Ize has come up with a clever little system that utilizes their Figure 9 rope tighteners. It replaces the plastic loop system that comes with the tents. This system also removes having to tie and untie knots to get the tent set up and torn down.

The Nite Ize Figure 9 Tent Line kit comes with four 8′ reflective guy lines and four Figure 9 rope tighteners.  The reflective guy lines will help prevent you tripping over them once you have them in place.

The key difference with the Figure 9 system is that it utilizes a notched grip system with teeth that keeps the rope in place. You can see how the system works in the photo to the right. (more…)

Cairn Gear Boxes – Review

As part of #HellHikeAndRaft photo 1 all of the participants we were very lucky to be sent Cairn gear boxes. Cairn gear boxes are a monthly subscription box that for $25 a month you are sent a box full of awesome gear. Each month the gear is different and quite exciting. Not only are these cool boxes great for your inner gear geek they also make great gifts for the gear geek in your family that you have no idea what to buy for them. I spoke with Rob the creator of Cairn and they have lots of cool things coming in the future. A company that you will definitely want keep your eyes on.

Here is a list of gear that I got in the box that was sent. Valued at well over $25.


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