There is no question that merino is the go-to fabric for most hikers when it comes to their baselayers. I have been testing out three products by Minus33.
The Minus33 Story!

Minus33 is located in Ashland, New Hampshire and still operates on the grounds of L.W. Packard Inc. L.W Packard Inc., dates back to 1916 as a textile manufacturing company. I could write all about their history but this great video does a much better job than I could.


The Eyefi Mobie Wireless SD memory card is a neat little gadget. This memory card has the ability to create a secure Wi-Fi network to allow you to connect other devices to it. Once connected you can transfer photos and videos from the card to your other devices via the secure network.  No more taking […]


The RefrigiWear Fleece is a warm well made and will keep you warm. Now that the weather here in Arizona has cooled off this has been a great light weight jacket to wear for everyday life as well handy for day hikes. The fleece weight wise is heavier than most jackets I would normally take […]


It is Wednesday and it is time to start thinking about the weekend camping trip. The lists have been started and some of the gear has been packed up. If you are like me I am typically in charge of bringing the spirits to the weekend. Normally it is thrown together in a box and […]


Footwear for hikers has come a long way in a very short time. In a not so distance past all hikers had to choose from was different brands of leather boots. Now there is everything from full leather boots to synthetic trail running shoes. Many are waterproof others are not. It all depends on what activity you are doing and what your needs are.

I have been a huge advocate of boots in years past but with the tech changing and materials becoming lighter stronger and more durable I have decided that trail shoes might not be as evil as I thought they might be. I have tried several out this past summer and now bring you a look at the Adidas AX 2 GTX.


Working in the technology and photography industries for many years you come to rely on specific brands to keep your gear safe. One of those brands is Pelican. They have been around for a very long time. Professional photographers, hunters, tech geeks, police and the government use Pelican to keep just about anything you can think of safe. I recently purchased a small case to keep a hard drive safe. This drive’s purpose is to go with me on all of my adventures to keep video and photos archived until I can get them backed up online. The hard drive is a Western Digital My Passport Wireless 1 terabyte drive, but more on that later.


These wallets are not your traditional leather wallets your grandfather used to use. These, dare I say hard core wallets will last you a lifetime. Made from Aircraft-grade  aluminum, high quality leather, and 550 Paracord. You will not find anything like these wallets.   About Trayvax Trayvax was started in 2013 by founder Mark King. […]


As Hikers, Backpackers, Scouters, and Adventurers we know how important it is to stay hydrated. We also know that it is very important that the water we put into our bodies is filtered and or treated. Not every water source needs filtered but those of us to like to take extra precautions.

Purinize is a pre-filter water treatment that is effective against Chemicals, Contaminants, and Micro organisms. This treatment can be used on its own, however it is recommended to be used before you filter you water. This will help take out many of the hard minerals in the water as well.


WARNING: If you are looking for a ultra lightweight featureless boring pack this post is not for you! If you are looking for a pack that is extremely comfortable with lots of great features then please keep reading!

The Teton Sports Escape 4300 is quickly becoming my favorite multi day workhorse pack. The attention to comfort has always been seen in the Teton Sports backpacks. With extra padding on the shoulder straps, lower and upper back. This 4300 cubic inch capacity pack boasts seven pockets, two pouches, four compression straps, daisy chain gear loops, D-ring, eyelets, and slide-storage under hood.


The Lunatec Aquabot is a fun little camping gadget. With a few quick pumps this gadget will turn most bottles into a fun water sprayer. It fits most bottles with a 63 mm wide mouth threaded opening. This includes Nalgene, Camelbak, and many others. The Aquabot first came to the outdoor gear world as a Kickstarter project. Their successful crowdfunded project was able to raise $71,668 to help create the first large production run of the gadgets.


I have been using trekking poles ever since I started hiking when I was a young Scout. They help with balance, remove stress from joints and muscles. Trekking poles are an updated version of a walking stick. Trekking poles are made from light weight aluminum or carbon fiber. They typically collapse to a smaller size or can be taken apart. This is to allow a hiker or backpacker the ability to stow the poles when not needed.


Specs Single Person Adventure Hammock Material: 210T nylon that holds up to 400 pounds Two 10-foot fray-resistant (polypropylene) lashing cables Triple stitched seams for durability Dimensions: 10′ x 4′ Includes: attached stuff-bag with glow-in-the-dark logo and 2 steel carabiners The Pros Comfort – This hammock is made of quality 210T nylon which is softer than […]


The Plastic Square bottle by clean Bottle is a fun little bottle. This bottle is BPA Free, dishwasher safe, and guaranteed for life. It fits in your standard size cup holders in vehicles and is easily accessible with its handle on top from any side pocket on a backpack. Both the top and bottom pieces […]


For years I have been traveling with a backpack. They are easy to keep close to you in busy airports, bus and train stations. No worrying about wheels getting stuck or accidentally tripping people.  The biggest hurdle has been making sure the backpack is big enough for all my carry on needs and fit under […]


As hikers we spend a large amount of time on our feet and having happy feet is very important to our passions. I have tried many different pairs of socks made of many different materials. I have tested everything from bison  to alpaca and everything in between. There are so many different types of socks […]


The Sawyer MINI Filter is a light and super easy way to keep your water clean. This filter can be used as a stand alone squeeze filter, used as an inline filter for your hydration bladder, or even drink straight from it using the included straw. Adam Adam Nutting relishes being an avid backpacker, hiker, […]


I spent most of my youth being involved in scouts. This also meant that so were my parents. Weekly meetings, weekend camp outs, summer camp, and so much more. If your dad was anything like mine he always needed at least two cups of coffee in the morning before anything could happen. One of the great things about camping with Scouts of any age you can take some of the comforts of home.


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