Incase Halo Courier Backpack – Gear Review

For years I have been traveling with a backpack. They are easy to keep close to you in busy airports, bus and train stations. No worrying about wheels getting stuck or accidentally tripping people.  The biggest hurdle has been making sure the backpack is big enough for all my carry on needs and fit under the seat. I had been using an old REI pack but it was not made with tech in mind and was just a normal daypack. Every time I needed to get my laptop out for security I had to open the main compartment and pull out the laptop and hope I did not dump the entire content of my pack onto the area around me. Read More….

Ecosox bamboo performance socks that are feet and environment friendly!

As hikers we spend a large amount of time on our feet and having happy feet is very important to our passions. I have tried many different pairs of socks made of many different materials. I have tested everything from bison  to alpaca and everything in between. There are so many different types of socks not to mention all the different types of materials they are made from. So how does a new company set itself apart and stand out from the herd? They use fibers that are not something you would ever think about using in socks. Read More….

Give the gift of #Stanleyness this Father’s Day

I spent most of my youth being involved in scouts. This also meant that so were my parents. Weekly meetings, weekend camp outs, summer camp, and so much more. If your dad was anything like mine he always needed at least two cups of coffee in the morning before anything could happen. One of the great things about camping with Scouts of any age you can take some of the comforts of home. Read More….

YKS Adjustable Beam Focus LED Headlamp – Gear Review

The YKS Adjustable Beam focus led headlamp is a powerful little light with a small price tag. This Ultralight headlamp weighs in at only : 2.6oz and is very comfortable to wear. You might even forget you are wearing it at times. It has four modes a high, low, emergency flashing and sos mode. So what makes this headlamp different than many others on the market you ask. The differentiator is its adjustable beam.
Read More….

Outdoor Products Shasta Weather Defense™ 30L Day Pack – Gear Review

The Shasta Weather Defense™ Backpack by Outdoor Products is a great all around pack. It is tough, weather proof, comfortable and you can pack up to 30 liters of your gear into it.

Outdoor Products for whatever reason is a highly overlooked brand of gear that should not be anymore. A stigma has been assigned to the brand simply because of the stores that the products are sold in. Just because the brand is sold in a general big box location as compared to one that is more focused should not matter. Read More….

Jambu Tundra – First Look

I really like testing new technologies especially when it pertains to footwear. The Jambu Tundra is a new shoe that is full of innovative tech. Fit for a trail running shoe but strong enough to be considered for long distance backpacking. So a mesh shoe is not considered new tech however the traction on this pair of shoes is something I have never seen before and I have tested and looked at my share of outdoor footwear over the years.

Read More….

Sunjack Waterproof Lightstick – Gear Review

I have  spent some time over the past few weeks testing out a flashlight battery pack called the Sunjack Waterproof Lightstick. I do not consider myself a prepper but I do have collected some things for safety and survival purposes that I keep on hand in my vehicle and my  home. Coming from the Midwest where in the winters it was common to lose power due to ice having an extra battery pack and flashlight always came in handy. Read More….

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