Gear Review: RIBZ Front Pack

This past weekend I got to experience testing out my first ever front pack. The pack that I was able to test was a RIBZ Front Pack. Before I get into the review let me take a brief moment to explain what a front pack is.

A front pack is a bag or pack that allows for easy access to important equipment from the persons waist or chest. These have become very popular in Europe however they are quite new to the outdoors in America. The front pack not only provides ease of access to your essential  gear but it also provides a counter weight if worn with a backpack.

The RIBZ Front Pack uses a unique harness system to allow for the weight distribution allowing the pack to be comfortable as a stand alone or used in addition to any backpack. It also allows for the weight in the RIBZ Front Pack to be distributed comfortably and even.  One thing about the RIBZ Front Pack  is that the harness system can not be removed to be used with a backpack.


RIBZ Front Pack Harness System

The pack is divided into two large pockets and two smaller pockets on each side. Inside both larger pockets are several mesh inner pockets.  Similar to a backpack you can fill it with lots of stuff and it can become very heavy very quickly.


Ribz Front Pack

To test the RIBZ Front Pack I filled it with ten pounds of assorted gear. I then hit the trail and hiked five miles without a pack and then another five with a ten pound day pack.  I was very surprised at how it felt. After awhile you actually forget you are wearing it and It did not seem that I was carrying ten pounds on my front mid section.  Even with the backpack on the way the harness system is set up I did not have any issues with it bunching up, getting tangled, or rubbing my shoulders raw. Using trekking poles was also not an issue. I thought that I might loose my rhythm when I hit the pack with the poles because the pack does stick out from your body, but this was not the case.


Adam Wearing the Ribz Front Pack and backpack

Overall I was very impressed by the RIBZ Front Pack system and will be adding it to my commonly used gear kit. This system has lots of uses in lots of different outdoor activities. Anything from Hiking to Fly Fishing.  The possibilities are endless.  Please visit the Ribzwear website for more information and to get one of these neat packs.

 Full Disclosure: The Ribz Front Pack used in this review was provided to me by Ribzwear at no charge as coordinated by Deep Creek PR This did not influence my review in any way.  The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own and were not guided in any manor.