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We have collected the most comprehensive list of outdoor podcasts that we can find. To learn more about each podcast and subscribe click on the podcast images below. Is your podcast not in our list? We are always on the lookout for more Contact us now and tell us about your podcast! Happy Listening!



Active Podcasts

Hiker Radio

Get Outside Podcast

Out There Podcast

Sounds of the Trail

Slippery Trail Podcast

Exploring the Heights

The Dirtbag Diaries

The Pox & Puss Podcast The Trail Show

Happy Camper Radio

The First 40 Miles

S’more Outdoor

Trail Runner Nation



Advantage Survival

Anthony’s Audio Journal

n2backpacking Podcast

Gear Fix


Inactive Podcasts

mza_1445123486143542384.170x170-75The Active Explorer Podcast – Exploring the outdoor lifestyle through adventure sports, fitness, and epic destinations. Are you ready to be an active explorer? Website | iTunes |

In Ice Axe We Trust – A bi-monthly podcast that covers all aspects of mountaineering – from novice to expert skill levels; from trailhead to summit; and from sea level to sky. Website | iTunes |

all who wander » Podcast the pod-cast for sojourners discontent with asphalt highways, steepled cages, tidy answers and ordinary lives Join us as we walk away from the everyday, explore, dream, discover and live. Website | iTunes

The Season Rise up. Become legend. Welcome to The Season 2. From award-winning adventure filmmaker Bryan Smith and writer Fitz Cahall, this 22-episode series follows five athletes through the course of a single season to tell their unique stories. Website | iTunes |

The Kings Canyon Outdoors Podcast was created to help educate and inform both fledgling and seasoned outdoor enthusiasts about everything from hiking, backpacking and fishing; to outdoor photography, mountaineering, snowboarding, whitewater rafting and any other relevant backcountry activity. Website | iTunes |

Practical Backpacking™ Podcast The Practical Backpacking™ Podcast features informative interviews with adventurers and leaders in the outdoor community. More episodes are available at www.practicalbackpacking.com/show/ Website | iTunes |

In The Field Camping Podcast In The Field Camping Podcast is recorded “in the field” while camping – or we’re not recording. We cover reviews of campgrounds and camping equipment, camping tech, tips, and occasionally may go on the soapbox to rant. Join host Chris Rodriguez every other Tuesday. Website | iTunes |

Backpacking Light Magazine Podcasts Featuring the gear, people, places, and trends of lightweight wilderness travel. Website | iTunes |

Hiking Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Hiking can be one of the most challenging and memorable experiences of a lifetime. But no hike in the canyon is easy: the terrain is steep, dry and rugged. This channel is designed to help you plan for and enjoy your hike into the canyon’s harsh, yet fragile, environment. Website | iTunes |

AT Radio Show Podcast The AT Radio Podcast is your source for information on the Appalachian Trail. Our interviews bring listeners valuable knowledge from thru-hikers, film makers, authors, and much more. If you are a hiking enthusiast you will love listening to each episode. Website | iTunes |