#HellHikeAndRaft A Summary

Our first look upon He Devil.

Our first look upon He Devil.

I wanted to take a quick look back at the Hell Hike and Raft trip before I got into the daily journals. It was an amazing time. This trip for me is incredibly hard to put into words. I am not sure if that is because I had the privilege of  organizing the trip and being a participant as well.  I have decided to put this into words as best as possible by breaking everything down into chunks. (more…)

The Trip to Hell.

I am hanging here between two very tall trees next to a beautiful running steam. I am  in a fantastic campsite called the Last Chance campsite that is about 5 miles from New Meadows Idaho. The drive thus far has been honestly very quiet. Nothing of substance to report. Just a lot of miles covered in three days.

DAY 1 Home  - Cedar Breaks National Monument.

On my last trip to Salt Lake I took the more scenic root through Flagstaff. I ran into quite a but of construction. This trip I decided to head out towards vegas. Stopped a few times for gas and a few rest stops but that pretty much sums up the day.  I got to Cedar City and headed up in the mountains. For nearly an hour I drove up this windy very dark road to find the campsite. Managed to nearly miss two deer ad i rounded a corner. Got to camp set up and crashed. The campsite was at 10,000 feet. A considerable change in temperature than when I left home. Even Las Vegas was sitting at 102 when I drove through earlier that evening. I pulled out my Columbia Sleeping bag the one that has the onmiheat reflectors in it. I pulled it out of the stuff sack and unzipped it. As soon as I unzipped it steam came rolling out of it. I guess sitting in a hot car all day long allowed to heat up and then store the heat. I crawled in zipped up and passed out.  (more…)

#AdventureMonday #HellHikeAndRaft Edition – 9/1/2014


This weeks #AdventureMonday is not going to be your typical photos of adventures. Today I am going to highlight all of the members who whill be joining me on the #HellHikeAndRaft adventure that starts today.

Scott Gauvin – @hikingforward


#ShareAdventure – Terror in the Indian Heaven Wilderness

Indian Heaven Wilderness

Story Submitted by Oliver Lazenby who sharesh is adventures and other stories on his website Oliverlazenby.wordpress.com

Everyone knows the feeling of being in a warm bed with a full bladder; relishing in soft warm comfort while suppressing a growing need to pee. In a tent, the cold amplifies the contrast between a comfortable bed and the world outside of it. And there are more obstacles – zippers and a need to put on shoes, for example – between you and the bathroom.

That’s the struggle I awoke to early one morning in the Indian Heaven Wilderness, a high volcanic plateau between Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams. I was on a solo backpacking trip while researching my upcoming Hiking Washington guidebook. (more…)

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