WOJO Wallet Review and Giveaway!

The Wojo wallet is a light weight compact wallet that keeps all of your cards and cash together when you are out for an adventure. You could be climbing a mountain, fishing for the big catch, or even just camping for the weekend. The wallet is made up of two bands that provide a place for your cards, cash, and key. The card holder can snugly hold one or hold up to twelve. The Wojo wallet even floats if it is accidentally dropped into still water. The wallet is made from silicone and neoprene that keeps the wallet sturdy and light enough to float. Wojo1

#AdventureMonday 10/13/14

Welcome to another awesome #AdventureMonday. This week like always we have some awesome photos to share. Please make sure to tag your photos with #hikingthetrail to have a chance to be featured next week. Happy Adventuring


Braving the Rapids of Hells Canyon Part 1.5 – The Night of the SKUNKS!

Upon arriving to Sheep Creek Camp Parker explained that this camping area was different than the rest of camps. This one was different because there was a house with a caretaker that lived on the grounds. The Forest Service owned the land but it was “rented” out to the highest bidder who purchases a lease for upwards of 10 years. The plot was being run by a jet boat outfitter who had hired a man to be a caretaker. Many of us were not really sure what to expect other than we were told that the caretaker spends most of his time watering grass. Whispers about the caretaker began to circulate around the camp. Several had gone up to visit the bathroom facilities and found that whom ever was living there disappeared leaving his dinner still warm on the table. Other whispers of the guy being a murder also made the rounds. Deep down we all felt that he could be a really nice person but the area the atmosphere made things very “story friendly”.

After our personal campsites were set up we all spent the rest of the time exploring the area. To remove the whispers and stories we were taken on a guided tour of the grounds by Parker. This included the Hilton of bathroom facilities that were open to the public.


We are so adventurous that we will even pose in front of Da Crappa! Photo by Shannon Croom aka @ShannonCroom


September 2014 Golden Boots Blogger Awards Announced


Congratulations to the September 2014 Winners of the Golden Boots Blogger Award.

Sticks Blog – SticksBlog.com

Missouri Howell – MissouriHowell.com

TauSpotting – TauSpotting.com

Brian’s Backpacking Blog – Briangreen.net

Hiking With Your Pup – Guest Post

Hiking is a great way to bond with a puppy and one I’ve personally found to be helpful in the latter stages of training. Our dog, a Great Pyrenees and Australian Heeler mix is a contented dog. But when we took her out for her first hike, she came alive in an entirely different way. She displayed a level of sheer joy usually reserved for steak bones with meat still attached. Still, there are a few things to make sure of before simply heading out to hike with your dog. Our favorite dog expert, Dr. Eloise Bright from Love That Pet, offered a few tips for successful hiking with man’s best friend.

photo-2 (more…)

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