Introducing the Golden Boots Blogger Award

goldenbootsbloggerawards I spend quite a bit of time each week looking for awesome new content to read. I read blogs to learn about new adventures, new products, and even just to keep up with my adventure friends.

The Golden Boots Blogger award was created to help share my favorite blogs and to also recognize who I think the the best and the brightest bloggers in the adventure / outdoor / travel  categories. Each month 5 blogs will be recognized with this award. To find out who wins each month check out the Golden Boots Blogger Award Page. Would you like to nominate a blog that shows that they are out putting the miles on their boots in every way possible? You can submit them here.

5 trail foods that all have one thing in common

I was standing in the kitchen the other day wondering what I wanted to have for lunch when I happened to glance down and saw the tortillas in the fridge. I grabbed one added some peanut butter and a bunch of banana slices. Not a super healthy meal but it was super quick. While eating I was inspired to write this post.

Here are five trail foods that all have one thing in common. A tortilla. (more…)

Scuffing my Boots on The Pennine Way: A Short Introduction to England’s Oldest National Trail – Guest Post

Every country in which hiking is popular has its best-known trail; its mascot that anyone with even the slightest inclination to long-distance walking will know about. For America it’s the Appalachian, for Canada you might say it’s the West Coast Trail, and for Spain and France it’s almost definitely the Camino de Santiago. For Britain, for most people, it’s the Pennine Way.

6952482203_46c62e079f_zDespite the fact that it’s barely a tenth the size of the Appalachian, that’s it’s tallest peak is a piddling one third the height of Clingman’s Dome, and that you won’t find any deadly animals lurking in its environs (except perhaps for frustrating lyme-carrying ticks) it remains a tough and spectacular trek. This short article is meant as an introduction for people who aren’t from the UK to the country’s oldest long-distance trail. (more…)

Spring Cleaning Gear Sale

I am currently going through my gear and cleaning out and organizing some of my older gear. I have several Items for sale and will be adding more over the next few days and weeks. To view the whole list you can check it out here.


The Skeeter Beater – Gear Review

Ever think of a time you needed to rest while driving or even wanted to camp in your vehicle? Most of the time you would want to roll down your windows to let in the cool air but there are always pesky bugs flying right in. The Skeeter Beater solves that problem with a quick easy to set up and effective product.

The Skeeter Beater is a bug net that connects to the outside of your vehicle with magnets that will not hurt the paint. It allows to you to have the windows rolled down or keep the doors open(on some vehicles) while keeping the pesky bugs out. There are 10 different sizes to fit most vehicles. The Skeeter Beater is compatible with wide range of vehicles that span from RVs all the way down to cars.  They also have several different colors to choose from.











They are super simple to use and set up quickly. The best part is they work great. A perfect gift for any outdoor enthusiast, road tripper, or car camper. With a cost of around $45 it is well worth the investment. Keep in mind that the cost does vary depending on your vehicle make and model. They stuff into a provided stuff sack and can be put in your vehicle without taking up any room at all. They can fit behind the seats, under your seats, or even in your glove box.  I keep mine in my Jeep all the time now and try to find every opportunity to use them.

To learn more about The Skeeter Beater head on over to their website, Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

Full Disclosure:  The Skeeter Beater used in this review was provided to me by The Skeeter Beater at no charge.  This did not influence my review in any way.  The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own and were not guided in any manor.

The #Omnigames a look back.

Yesterday Columbia released the first #omnigames video. After watching the video a flood of memories and emotions hit me. I am so incredibly grateful to part of such an amazing program with fantastic people and created by a company that inspires us to get out there and keep #tryingstuff.

The #omnigames video was released reminding everyone that the #omniten are heading to Jordan in just a few days. Follow their epic adventures on hastag #tryingstuffinjordan and #omniten. I am so excited for my #omnifamily to show the country of Jordan what the #omniten is all about and have no doubts that the county of Jordan will leave an everlasting impression on them. Get out there and remember that #tryingstuff is what its all about.