#AdventureMonday 12/15/2014

This weeks #AdsventureMonday should warm your harts and adventure spirits. Please keep tagging those photos with #hikingthetrail and sharing them on our Facebook page.



10 Tent Tips for Happy Camping

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Introducing Trail Methods! A brand new way to enjoy Trail Running and Hiking!

A very good friend of mine Eric Eagan and fellow Season 3 #omniten has created a incredibly cool program that just launched called Trail Methods. Before I get into what that is let me first tell you about Eric.

trailsroc_new9202013I met Eric as part of the Columbia #omniten Season 3. We battled the Rogue river together in Oregon. Eric is a super nice guy that is extremely dedicated to trail running and educating others about trail running. He created a company called #TrailsRoc it is a local Rochester New York trail running club. Since its creation it has morphed into more than just a club. They now host several yearly organized trail races and weekly guided trail runs Think Color Run or Zombie Run, but what makes this group so special is that the races are much cheaper and easier to participate in than those national chain runs.  100% of the proceeds from the runs go back to the local trail running community. Their goal has always been to create awesome affordable runs that keep all money local. During the almost two years I have known Eric I have known him to always being looking at the bigger picture. With the help of his wife he created Trail Methods.

tmlogoTrail Methods is a brand new company and concept that has the values learned in the Mountain Ultra and Trail community. We offer coaching, coach certification, race management, cycling events, and a brand new Trail Camp.  Trail Methods is co-owned by Husband and Wife team who are outdoor and endurance junkies who want to get more people involved in a healthy and active lifestyle.

A lot of the why Trail Methods was created is in Eric’s most recent post on trails2brews.com but the guts of it are this. When asked why they created Trail Methods they answered “with Too many people do not follow their passions. They go to work every single day at a job they do not love to pay for things they do not need for people they don’t always like. I decided that in order to live the life we wanted and be happy we needed to say goodbye to all of that and focus on what we love. We love the outdoors. We love endurance events. We love people. This things can come together under one big giant umbrella called Trail Methods.

Each piece that we are offering will be offered at below industry standard pricing because of our core values are about nature and people first. Not profit. Will we make a profit? Yes. Is that the sole purpose for this company? No. I will never forget those core values and have built in times to remind myself why we are going to be doing what we do.”

10390313_861309507383_6886390895510079139_nNot only did they launch the company they are also launching what they are calling Trail Camp. Trail Camp is a new event this summer – they are offering what will work out to be an all inclusive camp setting for 30 trail runners. Spending 4 days camping, hiking, running, and sitting around a campfire together. Runners will share cabins with 3 other runners (one big open room with 4 cots) and they will receive a sponsor welcome packet and they will have all breakfasts and dinners included in the costs.

Trail Methods wants to build a community of trail runners and help them explore new parks and experience new things. Trail camp is sort of the “poor mans ultra”. They will put in Ultra style miles, but it will be done in a healthy and attainable way each day by mixing running and hiking.

This event will likely sell out fast – Registration opens on Jan 1st 2015. All you need to do as a runner is show up and enjoy the time – Trail Methods will take care of all of the logistics.

To learn more about Trail Methods and to register for the first Trail Camp please visit their website at http://www.trailmethods.com

#AdventureMonday 12/8/2014

It is Monday again and we find ourselves back in our normal work week routines. It looks like many of you had some great adventures. If you want to share your adventures please share them by tagging them with #HikingTheTrail or feel free to post them on our Facebook Page.


Teresa B. – The waterfall hike. ( Cataract trails )


How to build a campfire – #infographic


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