Introducing Epic Social Adventures

If you did not follow the epic social adventure that was Hell Hike and Raft you all missed out on an amazing adventure! Thank you to those of you who did!  During the planning of  Hell Hike and Raft a very good friend of mine fellow HHAR crew member Scott Gauvin asked me if there was a way to think bigger. We spoke of doing it again the following year and trying to go other places than Idaho.  I thought about it and pushed it to the back burner. I was intrigued by the idea, but I was extremely focused on the adventure ahead. As we got closer to hitting the trail in Idaho the idea had become an obsession. Is this idea really possible and would others like it? I thought to my self over and over again.  The entire drive from Tucson to New Meadows, Idaho my thoughts were consumed by this notion of something bigger.

During our time in Idaho Scott and I chatted about the possibilities. About half way through the trip Scott and I began to talk in code by dropping hints here and there for the rest of the group. We spoken with Parker of Americas Rafting Company about the concept and he was just as excited about the idea as we were and said  “We are ALL IN”.

Photo by Wendy Newland

Photo by Wendy of Newland Family Adventures.

Just before dinner we introduced Epic Social Adventures to the first crew of ESA Adventurers.  The idea is simple. Take everything that was learned from Hell Hike and Raft and recreate it to allow others to experience the awesome adventure we had just experienced.

INTRODUCING……… Epic Social Adventures!


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#AdventureMonday 11/8/2014

What kind of adventure did you have this weekend? Did you make sure to tag your photos with #hikingthetrail? These awesome folks did! Every week we choose awesome photos from across the interwebs to be featured. If we do not see them we cant feature them so make sure you tag them with #hikingthetrail! Happy Adventuring.

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One year ago I packed up my Jeep and drove to Arizona

A year ago I packed up my Jeep and headed west. The past year has been a crazy whirlwind of awesome. I look forward to many many more years out west. It was bittersweet leaving the Midwest, but I had always longed to be closer to the mountains.  So much to explore and see!


Not a bad view!


Food Review – PROBAR bite Organic Gluten Free snack bars

Pro Bar has come out with a new product. The Pro Bar bite was created to be an anytime snack. Loaded with 190 Calories, and 10-11g Sugar. They are certified USDA Certified Organic. Another big plus to the bars is that they are Dairy, Gluten, and Soy Free. The “bite” line is brand new and was launched earlier this fall.

They currently have 6 different bars:
Chocolate Cherry Cashew
Coconut Almond
Mixed Berry
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
Peanut Butter Crunch
Superfruit + Greens




First Look at the OFFPISTE UltraPack 7+3 – Join the #UltraPackRevolution

The Offpiste Ultra Pack is a new twist on old technologies. Backpacks have been around for years and have come a long way, but the Offpiste takes the backpack to a whole new level. This pack is extremely comfortable and easy to use. The coolest part of the pack is its ability to be adapted to the situation or activity you will be using it for.

What is the pack all about and how does it work?


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