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Outdoor Retailer Gear In Review – Footwear Vibram Spotlight

This year there was a huge amount of new footwear being displayed at Outdoor retailer. Some of the most creative are the new products being added to the ever so popular Vibram Fiver Finger line. I am not a huge fan of the Vibam Five finger shoes mostly because of my little hobbit feet that dislike to be shaped into anything other than a boot form. I have tried the Five fingers and honestly did not like them. They are not for everyone. Those who wear them love them and become lifetime fans instantly.  I wanted to share these with you because Vibram is stepping outside the box and is bringing several new products to the market that are created for specific sports.

Vibram Furoshiki is based on the Japanese art of towel wrapping. This one piece shoe is designed with many uses in mind. It packs up small and weighs hardly anything. Perfect for Yoga or even a simple camp shoe.

Post Outdoor Retailer Recovery.

ORsign As I sift through emails and begin to get back to normal after Outdoor Retailer, I look back at all of the whirlwind crazy that happened.  I saw friends, met new ones and finally met several fellow bloggers in person. There were fancy dinners, happy hours, gear testing, hikes, and meet ups. A whirlwind of awesomely crazy fun.

In the next few days I hope to try to put everything into words and share with you everything that I saw and experienced.  There are lots of new and cool products as well as some favorites to talk about. I am also getting ready for #HellHikeAndRaft so be ready to read all about it. To all of my friends old and new that I was able to spend time with. It was nice seeing you and I hope that our paths cross sooner than later.

Happy Trails – Adam

Peak Design Slide and Clutch First Look

10549869_1504317036453220_148348344_nI have been playing with the Peak Design Slide and Clutch system. I to be honest have not used the clutch much but it is super easy to connect to the camera and then use. It is comfortable to shoot photos with while the camera is securely attached to you hand. Out of the two products the slide is my favorite so far. The ease to adjust the strap lengths is simply unmatched by any other product I have owned in the past.

Peak design has some great camera gear that allows you to capture all the right moments by providing straps, clips, and various other accessories that are designed for photographers of every level and every application. (more…)

Hikes Around Tokyo Minus the Crowds – Guest Post

guestpostbadgeAs a country which is comprised of seventy two percent mountains the opportunity for backcountry adventures in Japan are virtually limitless. Living for the past six years in Tokyo I’ve had the opportunity to witness incredible vistas from the many of these often sacred peaks. In the past few years hiking has seen a huge resurgence here and not surprisingly with an ageing populous many these are senior climbers – which is probably a surprise to many readers. The zeal and stamina they exhibit for mountain climbing isn’t something that can be easily put into words.

Much of the hiking I have undertaken in recent times has been in the mountains surrounding the Greater Tokyo Area home to some 35 million according to a UN estimate. Whilst at first glance this might sound like a recipe for disaster, it is in fact relatively easy to find personal space and time for reflection on many lesser used trails. One of my favourite places to unwind is around Mt. Kinpu on the boundary of Nagano and Yamanashi Prefectures. Here depending on time of year it is entirely possible to go days without knocking into another backpacker. With a little forward planning and making an early start even some of the closer mountains to Tokyo can be tackled in relative serenity.

Cloud and mist towards Mt. Kinpu

Cloud and mist towards Mt. Kinpu

Crystal clear water Amatori River

Crystal clear water Amatori River

Dainichi Boulder Yamanashi Prefecture

Dainichi Boulder Yamanashi Prefecture

Ooyasuri Boulder

Ooyasuri Boulder

Living in the stresses of Tokyo means that several days of hiking and camping provides a much needed occasion to recharge the batteries before once again having to squeeze onto overly crowded trains. For those considering a hiking holiday in Japan the best advice is to plan for the spring and autumn seasons where skies are clearest providing the best visibility and the foliage is arguably at its finest.

David the author of this post runs the fantastic website where he writes about Hiking in Japan and wilderness exploration. Please check out his blog to find more incredible photos of the area around Tokyo.

David at Mt. Mizugaki summit

David at Mt. Mizugaki summit

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