Hiking With Your Pup – Guest Post

Hiking is a great way to bond with a puppy and one I’ve personally found to be helpful in the latter stages of training. Our dog, a Great Pyrenees and Australian Heeler mix is a contented dog. But when we took her out for her first hike, she came alive in an entirely different way. She displayed a level of sheer joy usually reserved for steak bones with meat still attached. Still, there are a few things to make sure of before simply heading out to hike with your dog. Our favorite dog expert, Dr. Eloise Bright from Love That Pet, offered a few tips for successful hiking with man’s best friend.

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#AdventureMonday – 10/7/2014

Welcome to another awesome #AdventureMonday. This week like always we have some awesome photos to share. Please make sure to tag your photos with #hikingthetrail to have a chance to be featured next week. Happy Adventuring


Food Review – Fishpeople Seafood


When I first learned that FishPeople Seafood was going to be a sponsor I was incredibly excited. I am always looking for new food to take into the backcountry. Especially food that is not of the freeze dried variety. A few of the #HellHikeAndRaft crew members had already been talking about FishPeople on their social channels and had mentioned that they really liked them.

Going into the trip I had thought that the food was dehydrated. Instead they are in soup and bisque form. What makes these packets of delicious goodness unique is that all you have to do is drop the pouches into boiling water and boil for the recommended time on each package. Average cook time is 3 to 8 minutes. Let them cool down a little open the pouch and dig in. No mess and very little cleanup required for this meal. (more…)

Braving the Rapids of Hells Canyon Part 1

DSC_0119I awoke to what sounded like a bear crashing through the tall grass. I was cowboy camping so I did not have the protection of my tent. I understand that the protection the tent would have had against a bear is all in my head but hey it is protection none the less. Out of instinct I grabbed my trekking poles that I had placed next to my sleeping pad in the event I needed to use them as some time of deterrent.  I guess that if I was going to fight a bear i might as well have my trusty Leki sabers to swing. To my surprise it was not a bear instead it was Trevor waking up and walking towards the main part of camp.  I was excited to get up and get moving because we were white water rafting today but I also get to learn more about Wendy and Trevor and get to know them.

A quick funny side story about Trevor. The night before I was headed from my camp spot to the main part of camp. I had  grabbed a coat and my headlamp in preparation for the evening and passed Trevor. He said that he was headed to go get something and would be back soon. I said ok and did not think much about it. A long while later some time after dinner we begun to wonder where he had gone. A hunting party set off and found him passed out in the weeds next to his stuff. We found out a little later that he had partaken of a few libations before the hikers had gotten there since he rode in with Parker, Becky, and Wendy on the boats.  We would also find out that Trevor intended to just go take a quick nap but instead missed dinner and slept through the entire night.


Testing the Columbia #TurboDown #omniten Style

In January all 40 #omniten were sent to Park City Utah for the #omnigames.  As part of the trip we were given some awesome gear to test out. The new TurboDown jackets were part of that gear. We were surprised with a jacket for each #omniten member right after a presentation about the new technology that Columbia would be rolling out for winter 2014.  After the #omnigames I wrote a review about the jacket and since then it is always in my kit no matter where I am headed. Columbia just released a new video about the #omniten testing the TurboDown jackets during the #omnigames enjoy.

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