6 Adventure Themed Lego Sets

One of the great things so many of us remember from our childhood are those colorful Lego Bricks. All kinds of sets with themes such as space, castles, city life, and so much more. With the Lego Movie coming out in theaters everywhere it reminds us that we need to slow down a little and play more. I still have thousands of Legos that get played with quite often. Might seem a little strange for adults to play with these toys but to those people I recommend you go buy a small set put it together. Then send me an email saying that it was not any fun.  I have put together a short list of Adventure / Outdoor themed sets for all of us “Dirtbags” to enjoy. (more…)

Positive Customer Service Review – TheClymb.com


If you have not heard of TheClymb.com by now you must be living under a rock. TheClymb.com is a gear clearance website in which they work with major retailers and manufacturers to bring awesome deals of up to 70% off retail prices to its members. In order to get the offers you have to sign up and it only takes a few minutes. Sure that all sounds rather sales pitchy and I apologize. I really like their service and have used it several times and will continue to do so. Part of why I really like TheClymb is their customer service. (more…)

Backpacker Tip: Using denture cleanser to clean bottles and hydration bladders

0073063704240_500X500 There are a few products currently on the market that will clean your bottles and water bladders. Products like Clean Ethics’ Bottle Bright ($7.95 for 10 tablets) and CamelBak’s Cleaning Tablets ($12 for 8 tablets).

There is nothing wrong with these products at all. They work as advertised. However if you are looking for a way to save some money I have the perfect solution. (more…)

Columbia Men’s Bugaboot™ – Gear Review

boots The Columbia Men’s Bugaboot boot was given to a few of the #omniten guys to test out during the #omnigames. I was one of the lucky guys who got a pair. A very comfortable medium weight super warm water proof boot.

We were told by Columbia that we would be given a pair of boots but I honestly had no idea which ones we would be getting. I had done some research before the #omnigames to see what was out there. I was honestly rather skeptical about a “lifestyle” company who also makes boots. I will say that I am very particular about boots mostly because I have found more that I do not like wearing than I do like to wear. I have owned several pair of Columbia shoes like the Conspiracy and the Master of Faster. Both of which are comfortable and fit great. (more…)

8 books that will tug at your inner adventurer and wanderlust

Here is a list of 8 books that I have read in the past few months that will tug at your inner adventurer and wanderlust.

1. The New American Road Trip Mix tape. by Brendan Leonard

Following in Kerouac and Steinbeck’s tire tracks, a 32-year-old, post-breakup Brendan Leonard hits the road in search of healing and a new, post-economic-downturn American Dream. Sleeping in the back of a beat-up station wagon, he seeks answers—and hopefully, the occasional shower—in the postcard-worthy places of the American West. Learn More.


Columbia TurboDown – Gear Review


On the first day of the #OmniGames in January Columbia unveiled a brand new type of insulation and products that use that insulation.  The new insulation is called TurboDown. A mixture of Columbia’s Omni-Heat Thermal insulation and premium down.  If that was not enough they then added their Omni-Heat thermal reflective system. Below you can see how the products are layered and a short explanation of of the technology behind it all. (more…)

#omniten #omnigames – Behind the scenes the gear

One of the perks of being an #omniten member is the gear. In Columbia Style we were loaded up with all kinds of fantastic gear. We were greeted by a big Columbia duffel bag and shown to our amazing rooms. After the shock of the rooms wore off my room in true backpacker fashion became nothing more than a pack explosion. A familiar term by backpackers and adventurers alike. For those of you not familiar with the term it is where a hiker literally takes everything out of the pack or bag and its strewn around the bed. I try to keep mine as organized as possible not to loose anything. (more…)