On The AT Day 5

Another cold night and little sleep. Lots of wind. Beautiful clear day but the wind was brutal. Very hard to keep my body temp controlled. The plan was to hike to Lance Creek Camp. Managed to get to Woody Gap where we met a gal with the trail name of tortoise who was calling it quits. Allen a trail angel who was headed to work on his cabin stopped to see if anyone needed a ride.

He told us about the hostel in Suches and was awesome enough to give Mai Mai and Barefoot Boy and myself to the hostel.

Having a rough night worried about my cough and my issues breathing. Thinking about leaving the trail.

On The AT Day 4

Last night was darn cold in the shelter at Hawk Mountain. Very little sleep.

Hiked from Hawk Mountain shelter to Gouch Mountain shelter. Hiked with Roy and Mai Mai again. We ended up going down the wrong trail for about a half mile uphill. Came back down and found the trail and headed out. A nice hike lots of up hills. Roy had to stop and told us to continue.

We hiked over Sassafras Mountain. This might have actually been harder to hike up than the approach trail.

On The AT Day 3

Hiked with Roy for the entire day. Made it to Hawk Mountain shelter. The weather was fantastic. Still having altitude problems with my breathing. Once at Hawk I laid out my tent to dry and used my solar charger to charge my electronics. Had dinner and headed to bed. Had a hard time sleeping due to the Black hawk helicopters flying over so low it rattled the shelter and my air mattress had popped.

On The AT Day 2

Short day only 2.8 miles glad it was short. Rained all day, but was warm. Made it to Stover creek shelter. Lots of folks doing the same thing I was. Place was full. Lots of interesting folks on the trail.

On The AT Day 1

Started from Amacolola Falls. The stairs were brutal. 750 steps to the top of the falls. The climb to springer on the approach trail was also pretty tough. I felt fine except I was having issues ppbreathing due to the altitude change from Kansas City. I started the 8.8 miles around 9:30 and got to the top of Springer around 6:30.

When o got to the top there was a whole group of past thru hikers celebrating St. Pats day. They had hot dogs and beer for everyone.

On top of Springer there was a group of college students who had brought their trumpets and played several songs.

I had my dinner of hot dogs and headed to bed. During the middle of the night it started pouring and then a mist / drizzle proceeded for the rest of the night


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