Columbia TurboDown – Gear Review


On the first day of the #OmniGames in January Columbia unveiled a brand new type of insulation and products that use that insulation.  The new insulation is called TurboDown. A mixture of Columbia’s Omni-Heat Thermal insulation and premium down.  If that was not enough they then added their Omni-Heat thermal reflective system. Below you can see how the products are layered and a short explanation of of the technology behind it all. (more…)

#omniten #omnigames – Behind the scenes the gear

One of the perks of being an #omniten member is the gear. In Columbia Style we were loaded up with all kinds of fantastic gear. We were greeted by a big Columbia duffel bag and shown to our amazing rooms. After the shock of the rooms wore off my room in true backpacker fashion became nothing more than a pack explosion. A familiar term by backpackers and adventurers alike. For those of you not familiar with the term it is where a hiker literally takes everything out of the pack or bag and its strewn around the bed. I try to keep mine as organized as possible not to loose anything. (more…)

#omniten #omnigames Day 2 – living on the edge.

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It is six in the morning and I am wide awake. Excited and nervous for the adventures to come. The sun is still sleeping the fire is roaring and there is coffee starting to brew. I hop out of bed fix my coffee and sit looking out upon the snow covered hills watching the snow blow and the wind howl pondering what might be on the schedule for the day. I finish my coffee and get ready for epic day ahead. I put on all of my layers of #omni heat and my final layer of #omniawesome and head over to the Columbia #omnihub for breakfast. (more…)

#omniten #omnigames Day one in the books.

Arrived in Salt Lake yesterday without any hitches. We were shuttled to Park City. We signed wavers, got our room assignments and took a look at our new gear. We had a little bit of free time for settling in before heading to dinner.

Today started with a great breakfast spread and then an announcement of Columbia’s new down and synthetic mix omniheat reflective Jackets. So stoked to get one. (more…)

7 ways to keep your water from freezing while backpacking or hiking

With very cold weather that most of the United States is currently fighting I thought a post about how to keep your water from freezing while hiking or backpacking. Here are a few creative ways to keep your water from freezing.

1. Sleep with your bottles or bladders.
This is the most common of tips to keep your water from freezing. Many folks will just keep the bottle or bladder inside the tent while others will put it in the sleeping bag with them. Depending on the temps and situations you might consider putting it into your sleeping bag. Just remember to make sure that the lids or caps are on there tight. You do not want to wake up to a soaked sleeping bag in the cold. (more…)