Celebrating on the summit! What to take to celebrate in style!

We all have our traditions of what we take up to the summit to celebrate. For those of you who like to celebrate in style but do not wish to carry the extra weight. We have a few products that will help you celebrate in style!

You have pulled out all of the corks and those ready to celebrate with a nice Cabernet or Pinot Grigio. How do you get that wine to the top of the mountain and celebrate without lugging around glass in your packs? We have a couple of simple solutions.


Transporting Solution 1. Buy a boxed wine and pull the plastic bag full of wine out of the box and you are ready to go. We suggest putting that bag-0-wine inside another bag to keep it from leaking into your pack.

Transporting Solution 2. Buy a soft sided wine carafe or a soft sided wine preservation system.

Drinking Solution 1. Drink directly from transportation vessel itself.


Drinking Solution 2. Pick up a set of plastic backpacking stemless wine glasses or a set of stacking wine glasses.

For those who would prefer a nice nip of whiskey or bourbon. Here are a few classy ways to remove the glass out of your pack but still allow you to keep your man card.


A trail flask is a must have for celebrating on the trail or the summit. Depending on your style you can choose a Nalgene plastic flask or a light weight Stanley stainless steel flask. You can also skip all the fancy flasks and simply pour some into an empty water bottle. We never said that dirtbags did not have class but sometimes its nice to celebrate with some extra style.


We did not forget about all of you beer drinkers out there. The most common way to pack in a few beers is to grab some cans and throw them into your pack. The other option is to simply brew your beer on the trail. Yes we said brew your own beer on the trail. Pat’s Backcountry Beverages has their portable beverage carbonation system. It uses a very concentrated syrup that you carbonate creating beer or even soda. We were able to check it out at the summer Outdoor Retailer in 2014.

How do you celebrate your summit?

Fresh Balls – Hygiene for your groin area – Gear Review

FreshBallsYes that is really the product’s name. Believe it or not the name of the product is exactly what the product does. Fresh Balls is a quick drying lotion that provides freshness, anti-chafing, removes excess moisture and bacteria. Fresh Balls is free of all aluminum, parabens, and talc. For all you ladies out there they also make a Fresh Breasts.

Without getting into that “TMI” zone Fresh balls works especially for those who are prone to chafing. It dries quickly into a non smelly non sticky powder. It works as advertised and worth giving it a try. The only downside of the product is that it comes in a very large tube that is not conducive to backpacking.

It is worth putting it into a smaller bottle for your day hikes, weekend trips, or even long distance treks.

“9 out of 10 guys suffer from sweaty balls… And 1 out of 10 lie!”

To learn more about the Fresh Body line of products please visit their website!

Full Disclosure: The Fresh Balls used in this review was provided to me by Fresh Body as part of the Hell Hike and Raft product sponsorship and was provided at not cost to me. This did not influence my review in any way. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own and were not guided in any manor.

#AdventureMonday 1/19/2015

So much adventuring so little time! Where did your adventures take you last week? Tag your photos with #hikingthetrail and your photos could be featured here each Monday!


The Perfect Campfire from Start to Finish – Infographic

Source: Fix.com


What do you think? Did they miss anything?

Iris O. Dewhirst Pima Canyon Trail #62 – Trail Report


Located at the Northeast side of Tucson on the edge of front range of the Santa Catalina Mountains lies the Iris O. Dewhirst trail. Also commonly known as the Pima Canyon Trail #62. This well traveled and well known trail is popular among trail runners,  hikers, and day trippers of the Tucson area. This one way trail runs 6.4 miles up into the canyon.

The road to the trail head takes you through a residential area which seems to be misleading at first but the road ends at the trail head parking lot. The lot opens at dawn and closes at dusk. Dogs and bicycles are forbidden on the trail.

I arrived at 10am on a very beautiful Saturday morning. The parking lot was nearly full with only a couple parking spots avilable. A large number of trailer runners and day hikers were already packing up to head home. The is very busy on weekends and it is recommended that you go early or on weekdays to avoid a crowded trail.


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