#AdventureMonday – 9/22/2014


Happy first day of Fall everyone!  It is always a tough decision selecting which awesome photos get featured.  So many incredible submissions to choose from. Here are this weeks picks. Please keep tagging your photos with #hikingthetrail and your photo could be featured in the coming weeks.


#HellHikeAndRaft Hiking into the shadow of the Devil Part 1.

The Alarm on our phones go off. We had set multiple just in case. I stumble to turn mine off. We slowly begin waking up. We had a late night chatting and making sure everything was ready for day 1 of backpacking. The first order of business is to head to the coffee shop and fuel up. Thankfully the coffee shop is just out front of the motel. My things are organized and packed away and ready to be picked up by Marshall and Rick. My nerves are at an all time high. Not because I am worried about things going as planning but instead I am nervous about starting the adventure. For me this is part of my first day adventure routine. I head over to the coffee shop and order.


Meadows Valley Motel

Photo: Shannon Croom

Thankfully we had great choices of coffee and breakfast sandwiches waiting for us.  The crew slowly gathered in the the shop ordering their breakfasts. Many stepped outside or into the motel office to make last minute calls to home as this would be our last chance to do so until we successfully conquered the Seven Devils and the Snake River.  A big thank you to the Meadows Valley Motel and Road House Coffee Shop for their great service. The motel was purchased no ore than a year ago by the current ownership. They have renovated many of the rooms and have plans to revamp all of them. I was able to speak with the owner a couple of times during the day before and morning of our trip. He was a super nice guy who was eager to help but was frazzled from the surge of traffic from the holiday weekend that had just concluded. A classic example of small town hospitality and service. If you ever happen to be near New Meadows Idaho for any reason please stop in and say hello. (more…)

#HellHikeandRaft How it All Started

Getting ready to head into He Devil's Shadow.

Getting ready to head into He Devil’s Shadow.

Like any good story we can not skip the first chapter to get to adventure. If you would like to read a summery you can find that here. Before I get to the daily write ups I wanted to go back to the beginning and share the story of how this project got started and how we ended up with 12 adventures geared up with awesome gear backpacking and white water rafting in stunning Idaho. WARNING LONG READ!

Everything started with an email from Parker at Americas Rafting Company.  He needed help promoting this idea of a mixed backpacking and white water adventure. I scheduled a phone meeting with Parker shortly after receiving the email. On the call he explained what he was looking to do and wanted help with ideas on how to make this whole adventure possible. I told him that I would think on it and get back with him. Parker has an incredible love and passion for the Idaho wilderness and the rivers. His passion is simply contagious. When I hung up the phone I told my self that I had to help with this project. His passion pushed me to want to go to Idaho that very day. It was that passion that we would come to find out on night before we hit the river was that this was ARC’s first time doing the backpacking portion of the trip. The guides and Parker had all grew up or packed in that area and knew it very well. It was their first foray into leading a group of any size into the Devil’s shadow. (more…)

#AdventureMonday – 9/15/2014


Welcome back to another #AdventureMonday. Here are this weeks awesome photos. There were so many to choose from that It made it very hard to select this weeks picks. Thanks everyone for tagging your photos. Keep them coming and we will keep posting them.



#AdventureStories – Encounters with bighorn sheep near Jasper National Park

Story Submitted by Hank Vlietstra

On one of my bigger backcountry backpacking trips in the Canadian Rockies, I was in the midst of 3 glorious days above treeline near Cataract Pass at the boundary of Jasper National Park. While descending towards Nigel Pass late one September afternoon, a large herd of bighorn sheep was going up the valley, right towards me. They let me walk down the trail right into their midst. It was pure magic – unforgettable. They crossed the river right in front of me, and the little ones were playfully head-butting each other right nearby. Wildlife encounters in the backcountry are always some of the most memorable parts!!


Do you have an fun, silly, crazy, or awesome adventure story you would like to share? We would love to share it! Submit your story today!

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