Hiking Trails Around the World – Guest Post


Hiking trails provide enjoyment for people around the world. Every country offers its own unique variations on the standard trail. In fact, a person can tell a lot about a country from hiking its trails. For example, the National Trail in Canada has a socialist connotation to it that exemplifies the zeitgeist of today’s Canada, while the sprawling Appalachian Trail exemplifies the majesty and Freeman of the United States of America.

Every trail has a story to tell. The landmarks along these corridors were not built by man. Just witnessing the beauty that occurs in nature without any help from man kind is more than enough to justify the existence of God. The language of beauty translates to every culture. An Italian man can enjoy the same hiking trail just as much as a Japanese woman.


Distance hiking has been embraced by people of every country. In the eastern US, people travel from all around to hike the Appalachian Trail for months at a time. In France, it’s the GR-10 they flock to travel to behold the breathtaking views offered by the Alps. Hiking these long trails is said to be life changing for the many people who attempt the feat every year.

The trails of a country can tell hikers much about the culture of that land. Most hiking trails have incredible histories. The best trails are the ones that remind the hikers of a bygone way of life. The Bill Williams Mountain Trail is a great example of this. It was used as a crucial horse trail before their were any cars of bicycles. It’s easy to imagine many ambushes and gunfights taking place along the winding path.


Some hiking trails have been around for thousands of years. The hilly Warrior Trail in Greensboro, Pennsylvania is over five thousand years old. American Indians enjoyed the gorgeous pastoral views along the trail as they traded flint.

Hiking trails exhibit the characteristics of the lands where they are located. The cereals, mountains, fjords, ravines, volcanoes, beaches and everything else become part of the trail. The trails of the Cycladic islands in Greece are laid back and gorgeous with many beaches and scenic views. He trails at Runyon Canyon offer scenic views of the Los Angeles skyline bathed in sun in the Hollywood Hills.

Hiking the trails of a certain area is a great way to see the wildlife that lives there. Many hikers on Mount Scott in Oklahoma see buffalos hanging out in their paths. Hikers in the Everglades can see falcons, egrets and rare echoes of turtles, among other things. A wide variety of birds are sure to do amazing things around any hiking trail with a plethora of gorgeous tress, which most have. Trees live on feelings and amplify good vibes. Try smiling to one and you’ll get a beautiful smile back.


The world is full of incredible hiking trails just waiting to explored. Every backyard has one nearby that is truly magnificent and hidden from indoor-dwelling dead people. Get outside and live. Experience this world while you still can.

Scott Amundson is the writer of The World’s Best Hiking Trails, a free ebook that you can find at worlds-best-hiking-trails.com.

#AdventureMonday 7/28/2014


Welcome back to another #AdventureMonday We have some awesome submissions this week. If you would like your photo featured simply tag your photos on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with #hikingthetrail. You may also submit photos by emailing them to photos [@] hikingthetrail.com

If you would like your photo featured simply tag your photos on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with #hikingthetrail. You may also submit photos by emailing them to photos [@] hikingthetrail.com

Gearing up for Outdoor Retailer


Outdoor Retailer is soon upon us. A week of outdoor gadgets and gear. OR has two shows to match the outdoor industries seasons.  The Winter and Summer markets. OR is the nations largest B2B outdoor event. Showcasing more than 1,400 brands and bringing together thousands of media, buyers, and industry professionals. More than 40 countries will be represented.  Needless to say this is the place where awesome stuff happens. I have been wanting to go to this show ever since I started blogging and this year is the first year it has worked into my schedule. I am excited to meet many of the fine folks who have been sponsors in the past and to see some of the latest and greatest gear on the market.  I have been lucky enough to be invited to stay at a good friend fellow blogger and fellow #omnitener.  He will have a full house from the sound of things which will only make the experience more awesome. Nothing says having fun like a house full of outdoor bloggers, social media influencers, and media types.

I have been very fortunate to land some awesome meetings with some big name companies to get a sneak peak of their new gear. There will also be invite only breakfasts, VIP dinner hikes, and happy hours attended. One can not attend OR without spending the day with Teton Sports and Bacountry Tees for the #Hiterchat Bonanza. Rumor has it there will be hiking. SUPing, eating, and so much more.

Getting there will be just as much of the adventure as actually attending the show. I will be driving the 12 hrs north to Salt Lake City area and camping / hiking along the way. I have given myself plenty of time to get there by leaving on the  second and activities do not start until the morning of the fifth. There are also plans to meet up with fellow bloggers and social media folks on the route.


Outdoor Retailer and #HellHikeAndRaft gear organizing.

The nice thing about traveling and camping for this trip is that I will have the luxury of having lots of extra room in the Jeep. This will allow me to be able to take everything including the proverbial kitchen sink. I have quite a few pieces of gear that I will be testing many will come straight out of the packaging for the trip. I am incredibly excited to see many old friends again and meet many new ones.

Will you be attending OR this year?

Like always see you on the trails or maybe in the showrooms of OR!

Cheap Quality Gear – LeftLane Sports Promotion

As an outdoor enthusiast I am always looking for the next best piece of gear that is lighter than its predecessor without breaking the bank. Enter LeftLaneSports.com a membership based deal website. They provide access to top endurance, outdoor, and action sports brands at up to 70% off retail prices. I have purchased several items from them over the years. The whole process was smooth and quick.



I was recently approached by LeftLaneSports.com wanting to know if Hiking The Trail would be interested in partnering up to provide a  discount to all of you. Head on over to LefLaneSports.com website and enter TrailHike15 on checkout and get 15% off site wide. It is a limited time offer and can not be used with any other offers. Take a look and happy discount gear hunting.

Full Disclosure:  The links in this post are referral links and the purpose of this post is for advertising / marketing.

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Join Sierra Trading post and HTT today at 4pm MDT for #trailtime twitter chat. We will be talking about “finding adventure in everyday life”

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