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A creative way to promote your website, blog, product, or company is by sponsoring  re-supply drop along my adventure.  Every 3 to 8 days I will have my team back home send resupply packages. In these packages will be food, drinks, snacks, gear, and other needed supplies. The boxes will be prepackaged and ready to ship long before my first day on the trail. The boxes will be sent to it’s destination prior to my arrival to the trail towns along the way. This is for advertising of your blog product or company and I am not asking for products to place into the boxes at this time.

A portion of all proceeds will be going to The Dusty Camel’s Young Explorers Grant. This grant will allow young adventurers to set off on their own adventures with help from the grant. To learn more about the grant you can visit the The Dusty Camel’s website.

A re-supply sponsorship includes:

  1. Index card with your logo or company name will be placed inside the box. A Brief description of company, product to highlight or both will be typed on the back.
  2. A short video of opening the box holding up the card and then I will then talk about your company and or product.
  3. A photo holding up the resupply box with your logo / company name will be taken.
  4. The video will be placed on several social video sites and shared across all social networks
  5. The photo will be placed on several social photo websites and shared across all social networks
  6. A blog post will be published on my HikingTheTrail.com blog.
  7. Your company name or logo will be added to a special resupply box sponsor section of my site.  With a link to any page or section of your site you specify.
  8. An interactive map will also be created and your logo / company name and link to your site will be tagged at the location your drop box was picked up.
  9. You will be sent a signed 8 x 10 print of a photo taken during the adventure.
  10. Your logo / Company name will be added to my standard email newsletter.
  11. Your logo / company name will be added to the video documentary credits  under sponsors
  12. Your logo / company name will be added to the book that will be written in a section called sponsors

If this out of the box promotional opportunity interests you please contact me using the contact form below.
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