Philmont 2012 a look back Day 12 the final day

Day 12: For me, this morning was not really sad, but rather I really didn’t want to leave this beautiful place, and honestly I was mad! It took me 10 minutes to realize that I should be thankful that I still had another day and when I thought about it I felt quite lucky.

As we all took down our tents for the last time Michael and I were thinking about dinner already, at the pizza place. First we would have to make it through the day. We set off for one of our highlights of the trip, The Tooth Of Time. We thought the Tooth would be relatively close but it took us double what I originally thought. We were all exhausted and sore but we pressed on. We hiked the ridge of the mountain that leads to the Tooth. It was really rocky and an easy place to break an ankle or get your walking stick stuck. I almost did both of these things and I knew an injury now would be a heart breaker as we were so close.
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Philmont 2012 a look back Day 11

Day 11: We left camp a little bit earlier than usual because we had to stop at the hunting cabin we skipped the day before and it was cool. They showed us the claw marks all over the south door when the bear tried to get in a couple years ago. After about an hour we went east toward our last campsite on the trail, Shaefer’s Pass Camp.

All was normal on the hike and I was enjoying the views. It was a normal day by Philmonts standards. Bright sun, not a cloud in the sky, and the perfect temperature.  When we stop for lunch were are at Clarks Fork where we can get our stuff branded. I chose to have my hat that my brother, Alex, gave me branded and it looks great! We ate our dinner for lunch again so we didn’t have to carry more water into Shaefer’s as it was a dry camp. Read More….

Philmont 2012 a look back Day 10

Day 10: As we were heading towards the end of the trip, I wanted to try and take in as much of the trip as possible. By doing this, I noticed a lot of different colors in the rocks and just how much more vivid all the colors were. Even the trails were really pretty. Today we set off for Cimarroncito, our most northern camp of our trip. We also had to go to the Ute Gulch commissary to pick up our food for the rest of the trip.

Today, I was the navigator so I had the map and I had a basic idea of where we were going. We followed the ridge line just atop the cedar trees. There were so many of them it was an ocean of green peaks out across the valley. We cut down into the trees about a mile into the hike and follow the North Fork Cimarroncito Creek east for a while. Read More….

Philmont 2012 a look back Day 9

Day 9: I woke up and got out of the tent absolutely amazed by what I saw. At first I thought it was a weird fog but then I realized it wasn’t fog. We were in the clouds. It was so thick you could cut it with a knife. I enjoyed my last meal on the rock chairs and we set off for Cyphers Mine.

We were all excited for Cyphers Mine because we wanted to pan for gold and they also had a shower. The only downside was the switchbacks lasted the whole way down Mt. Phillips and into camp. The trail was very thin in some spots with a huge drop off on our right. Hiking was overall normal with the beautiful views along with some really boring switchbacks. Read More….

Philmont 2012 a look back Day 8

Day 8: Today I am the leader and our destination is Mt. Phillips Camp on top of Mt. Phillips. Not only was it an eight mile trip it was uphill the whole way. We even went outside the ranch’s boundaries for about 4 miles. I woke up with the adults and I have to admit that is was worth getting up 15 min. earlier because the sky was beautiful! There was a cloud right above our camp that was a bright pink color from the sun just getting over the horizon. The cedar trees were covered in dew and glistened in the morning sun. The air was so crisp and fresh it was unbelievable. I then go threw a mental checklist about the day so I could have a basic game plan. Read More….

Philmont 2012 a look back Day 7

Day 7:  We would be leaving our layover camp, which was a great time, and I was sad to leave it. Also, today, we had to hike to Wild Horse. It was by far the worst day climbing for me because I was finally starting to feel sore and we had to follow this really crappy trail all the way. The trail followed the fence almost all the way to Wild Horse. It was covered in rocks that jutted out from the ground. It was like they wanted us to bust a kneecap or something. Luckily, we all made it no problems apart from some very tired legs because the trail was a constant elevation change and very steep.

The weather was also very cloudy and I had this feeling that it was going to rain and it did. Then the feeling hit me like a freight train. I was going be wet and my boots were going to get wet and so on. But, my socks were never wet because of my boots and I’m so happy my brother, Adam, suggested them to me. They were great! The last stretch into camp was really bad. We had to stop at a little side camp because we had to pick up Dalton. No one was particularly happy about it but we all put up with it. We also were going to have to pump water for the hike up Mt. Phillips the next day but luckily the camp had a waterspout we filled up from. Read More….

Philmont 2012 a look back Day 6

Day 6:  Today was our layover, so we got to sleep in. It felt weird that waking up at 8 was considered sleeping in! This was the only time I found it easy to wake up and got right to work cooking. Ron was in a much better mood as he was feeling much better himself. We ate our meal then went to do 3D archery.

The lady, Victoria, was very nice and looked Native American. She showed us how to use the compound bows and we got started. All the animals had names but I can’t remember them.  I was a surprisingly good shot and only missed the last target, which we named Dalton because it was a huge elk. If we hit it, Victoria said she would give us a rice crispy treat so we all wanted to kill “Dalton.” Ron was the only one who hit him so he got the treat, which he formally declined as he was still not 100%. Kyle went with us and he had a great time to! Michael missed almost every target. One of the few he did hit the arrow was at an angle so it bounced off and went flying into the trees. Read More….

Philmont 2012 a look back Day 5

Day5: We woke up and did our normal morning routine and after a small squabble between Jakob and Kyle about packs and weight we find out that Dalton isn’t feeling well. He was shaking real bad and Rob and Ginette took him to the staff cabins. They return an hour and a half later and asks us if we knew that he had diarrhea and had puked twice. We all truthfully answered no and they went on to tell us that he was dehydrated and had to go back to base camp.

Undeterred by the missing member, we carried on. Today would be the day that I was second to last in line Rob brought us together to discuss teamwork before we left. We went over the procedures about if there’s a river crossing, the first person in line would pass it back all the way to the adults. This included other obstacles in the path. This day was by far the best day of hiking we had! I don’t know if it was because Dalton was gone and we were all happier or the trail itself was just so beautiful! I think it was a little of both. Read More….

Philmont 2012 a look back Day 4

Day 4: It was a normal morning, but I noticed the farther into the trek we went the colder it got in the mornings. I devised a system where at night I would put the legs back onto my pants and then put my fleece in the very top of my pack, which was under the rain fly. This was my motivation to get up in the mornings as it was warmer clothes and it also woke me up walking in shorts to go get my clothes.

Today was a sad day for us because Spencer had to leave us, and we really liked him! We all said goodbye and he started hiking away. He got a whole 50 yards before Dalton yelled “Spencer! Don’t leave we forgot everything.” He actually started walking back but he yelled back “Nah, you guys are fine,” and continued on his way. I really hoped that we got to see him before we left for home. Read More….

Philmont 2012 a look back Day 3

Day 3: I have to admit it was hard waking up the second morning but I knew we needed to get going and eat food. For some reason throughout the whole trip, I was starving in the mornings. I took down the tent because Michael was helping with something else and then Rob got down the bear bags and we got our personal gear and then we ate which was the usual of granola bars and other energy bars and then headed off for Crags Camp.

We stopped at the cabin just outside of Rimrock to fill up with water and do our porch talk. Ron went up to ask the guy for a porch talk and the guy responded with “You guys wanna milk a goat?” and Ron replied “uh… sure?” and proceeded walking towards the wooden shack. The man never told us his name but he was really good at milking goats and he taught us how to do it. It was really easy and everybody got it. We weren’t allowed to drink the milk. I was kinda happy because it didn’t look very good to be honest. Read More….

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