Hiking Snacks: 6 Recipes to Keep You Energized On The Trail

When you hit the trail for a long hike, you must have a few essentials in your backpack: plenty of water, sunscreen, bug spray. But if you don’t have the proper fuel to carry you through your hike, you won’t make it very far. Trail snacks are just as important as any of the other… View Article

4 Winter Activities to Entertain You and Man’s Best Friend

Each year, when the days grow shorter and the temperatures drop, it no doubt becomes difficult to keep up with your usual level of activity and exercise. Snuggling with your dog while ensconced in a warm, flannel blanket and watching a binge-worthy Netflix series instead of braving the cold may be tempting throughout winter. However,… View Article

Urban Hiking in Boston and Where to do it!

If you live in Boston, going for a hike doesn’t need to necessitate a day trip too far beyond the city limits. With a population of more than 673,000, Boston is New England’s largest city and factoring in the 4.7 million people in the metropolitan area, it’s easy to feel congested by the number of… View Article

Ecco Biom Venture GTX – Gear Review

I took the shoes out of the box and gave them a quick look. Flexing them side to side forward and back. They seemed pretty sturdy but I am always skeptical about trail shoes. I have forever been a boot guy. My favorite pair of boots is an old heavily used pair of ECCO Ulterra… View Article

The Top 5 Tools for Camping

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Your Guide To The Greatest Waterfall Treks 

Waterfall hikes combine the adventure of a trek, amazing views and the refreshing feeling of the water — it’s the perfect holiday activity for any outdoorsy person. As such an amazing display of nature, it’s incredible that there are so many options around the world, so let’s take a look at some of the best… View Article